How to exercise in the pool

Feb­ru­ary 24, 2017, 10:04 am

Enrolled in the pool to improve your health and lose weight, but just mov­ing back and forth quick­ly becomes bor­ing? Try to do more fun and more use­ful!

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1. The cor­rect option is alter­na­tion, not monot­o­ny. First, train­ing “on land”, then exer­cis­es in the water. Alter­nate­ly breast­stroke, but­ter­fly and crawl.
2. Alter­nate intense activ­i­ties with relaxed ones. Approx­i­mate algo­rithm: “I swim inten­sive­ly for 15 min­utes — I relax on my back for 5 min­utes.” You get three blocks of class­es per hour. If you vis­it the pool at least twice a week, you will achieve a good result.
3. In order to begin to burn fat, you need at least 40 min­utes of con­stant exer­cise.
4. After swim­ming inten­sive­ly with dif­fer­ent styles, move on to the exer­cis­es. If there is a pipe above the side, use it to pull up. At the same time, try to strain the mus­cles of the arms and chest, but relax the neck and face. Do three sets of 10–15 times, turn­ing to the “hor­i­zon­tal bar” with your face, and the same num­ber with your back.
5. To relax your arm mus­cles, shake them vig­or­ous­ly under­wa­ter sev­er­al times.
6. Hold­ing a foam board in front of you with your arms out­stretched, swim, mov­ing your legs up and down fre­quent­ly. 1–2 tracks are enough to start, and if you want to lose extra pounds, increase the load to 3 sets of 3–4 cir­cles, rest­ing for about a minute between sets. After that, do the same, only swim­ming on your back.
7. If there are “mac­a­roni” (long arcs) in the pool, prac­tice with them. Stand­ing in the water up to your shoul­ders, press on the pro­jec­tile, “drown­ing” it in the water: in this way you will well strength­en the front mus­cles of the shoul­der.
8. Stand in the same way, but take two “pas­ta” — and spread your arms to the sides, and as you exhale, slow­ly low­er your hands under the water.
9. If the pool is not “full house”, you can work out the mus­cles of the legs. Hold­ing on to the edge of the pool, keep your body close to the sur­face of the water with your closed legs extend­ed back. As you exhale, spread your legs to the sides, while inhal­ing — the start­ing posi­tion.
10. You can do the usu­al exer­cis­es from phys­i­cal exer­cis­es, only in water: its resis­tance will give the right load on the arms and legs and unload the spine.

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