How to look fresh if you don’t get enough sleep

Feb­ru­ary 18, 2017, 15:05

A healthy 8‑hour sleep is the key to health and youth. But the real­i­ties of the life of a mod­ern woman are such that we can­not always afford such a lux­u­ry. The result is dull skin, cir­cles under the eyes and visu­al­ly plus 5 years old. In order to min­i­mize the con­se­quences of lack of sleep, we offer you a few tricks.

Skin hydration

When we sleep lit­tle, the meta­bol­ic process­es in the body slow down. This leads to the fact that the skin becomes dehy­drat­ed and looks untidy. We rec­om­mend using a more intense mois­tur­iz­er and doing a mois­tur­iz­ing mask every morn­ing. This will make you look fresh­er, and the foun­da­tion on smooth skin fits bet­ter.


The right eye cream

Dark cir­cles and bags under the eyes are con­stant com­pan­ions of lack of sleep. Use a cream that con­tains caf­feine. This com­po­nent tones the skin and removes puffi­ness. Creams and con­ceal­ers with light-reflect­ing par­ti­cles also work well, they help mask dark cir­cles under the eyes.


A little shine

Reflec­tive par­ti­cles can work won­ders. Use a foun­da­tion that bright­ens the skin. Add a high­lighter and you will get lumi­nous skin, which will not show signs of fatigue. To cov­er dark cir­cles, before apply­ing con­ceal­er, use a cor­rec­tor that neu­tral­izes dark col­ors.


Soft eye makeup

Be sure to empha­size the eye­brows, because they cre­ate the entire beau­ty image. Don’t use black eye­lin­er. It is bet­ter to replace it with brown, but choose a mas­cara that will make the eye­lash­es thick­er and longer. The final touch is a lit­tle high­lighter in the cor­ners of the eyes to make the look more open. For the same pur­pose, apply a white or soft pink pen­cil to the mucous mem­brane of the low­er eye­lid.


bright lips

Dis­tract atten­tion from imper­fec­tions on the face. There­fore, use a lip­stick that visu­al­ly gives the face fresh­ness. For exam­ple, pink.


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Text: Anna Pono­marenko

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