Nutrition Secrets by Naomi Campbell

Feb­ru­ary 22, 2017, 09:39

Famous super­mod­el Nao­mi Camp­bell seems to know the secret of youth and beau­ty. How else to explain then that the 43-year-old black beau­ty looks sim­ply stun­ning, and the para­me­ters of her body have not changed for the past 25 years.

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Christo­pher Mac­surak

It turns out that the pop­u­lar top mod­el arranges once a week fast­ing day. Black Pan­ther believes that with a var­ied and plen­ti­ful diet, you need to fast at least one day a week.

Nao­mi thinks that fast­ing pro­ce­dure remark­ably cleans­es the intestines, strength­ens the immune sys­tem and pro­longs life. The max­i­mum that is allowed to eat on this day is two boiled eggs and an orange.

Accord­ing to Camp­bell, in the strug­gle for a beau­ti­ful and slen­der fig­ure, she tried many dif­fer­ent diets. How­ev­er, the beau­ty con­sid­ers prop­er nutri­tion, avoid­ance of alco­hol and manda­to­ry phys­i­cal activ­i­ty to be the most effec­tive means for gain­ing a healthy and slen­der body.

Con­cern­ing nutri­tion­al habits pop­u­lar super­mod­el, she adheres to the prin­ci­ples of the nutri­tion sys­tem devel­oped by Dr. Atkins: max­i­mum pro­tein and min­i­mum every­thing else.

The black queen of the cat­walk also believes that if you eat dur­ing the day 4–5 small meals, then the feel­ing of hunger in this case will not arise, and calo­ries will be burned even­ly. And if at the same time you lim­it the con­sump­tion of fats and sweets, then your fig­ure will become just per­fect.

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