Psychosomatics of weight according to Liz Burbo: nutrition and weight

The top­ic of nutri­tion and excess weight will always be pop­u­lar. How many peo­ple go on diets, con­vinced that this is the only way to stay slim. They deprive them­selves of the food their bod­ies need and feel guilty, no longer able to con­trol them­selves, allow­ing them­selves to taste the for­bid­den fruit.

Psychosomatics of weight

This is obvi­ous: when we diet, we lose con­trol and over and over again we promise our­selves that this was the last time.

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Nutrition and weight

If we only gained weight from the food we ate, the world would be full of obese peo­ple. But there are those who nev­er lim­it them­selves in any­thing and remain not just slim, but very thin all their lives.

overweight psychosomatics

First of all, what is “thin”? This is a rel­a­tive con­cept. I know peo­ple who wear the small­est size and blame them­selves for their imper­fect and full body.

I will not argue that peo­ple do not get bet­ter from eat­ing style, how­ev­er, I tend to believe that the true rea­son is the atti­tude towards our­selves and towards prod­ucts, which affects what kind of body we form. In my book Nutri­tion and Weight, I list all the rea­sons we eat, and it’s not always hunger!

Reasons for being overweight

weight gain psychosomatics

Agree that we do not always eat only when we are hun­gry and rarely eat what our phys­i­cal body real­ly needs. Very often we do not lis­ten to the needs of our body, includ­ing the needs of the emo­tion­al and men­tal body and, accord­ing­ly, do not know how to nour­ish them in the right way.

And this is one of the rea­sons why we put aside what we eat: the body stores what it does not need now.

Anoth­er rea­son for being over­weight is guilt. Do you some­times have thoughts like this: I eat too much, well, I’m a glut­ton, how weak-willed I am, it’s time to go on a diet, you need to con­trol your­self …?

And this is what our body hears at these moments: It’s time to stock up, soon I will expe­ri­ence depri­va­tion.

Guilt (the voice of the ego with­in us) pre­vents us from digest­ing food, assim­i­lat­ing it, and excret­ing its left­overs prop­er­ly. But we often think that we accept our­selves com­plete­ly, with­out even real­iz­ing the degree of guilt we are in.

How to deal with emotional eating

psychosomatics weight gain

Observe how you feel about the way your fam­i­ly eats. If you blame them and mor­al­ize about what you think is wrong eat­ing, it only means that you do not accept your own eat­ing habits, and you also blame your­self on occa­sion.

Once you become aware of the feel­ing of guilt, accept it, remem­ber­ing that guilt is not your heart, it is your ego, it is it that con­demns and fright­ens you, being sure that it helps you with all its might from the best of inten­tions. Just like you do when you judge anoth­er per­son, try­ing to make him bet­ter and hap­pi­er!

True Accep­tance is the only med­i­cine that will help you deal with your weight prob­lem. By tak­ing, you return to your heart, and your diges­tive sys­tem will be grate­ful to you for this.

overweight psychosomatics louise hay

Nego­ti­ate with your ego: I know that you are afraid that I will gain weight because I do not lis­ten to the needs of my body, but now it helps me sat­is­fy the needs of a psy­cho­log­i­cal order. Thank you for your help, rest assured that I can deal with the con­se­quences.

Also, thank your body for all the work that it has to do, digest­ing food that you did not orig­i­nal­ly need and that you used to cope with lone­li­ness, resent­ment, anger … As you become more aware and as you begin to get to know your true needs bet­ter, you will be able to give your phys­i­cal body only what it real­ly needs.

Your whole being wants only hap­pi­ness for you. This is pos­si­ble only when you are in your heart, that is, when you allow your­self to be an ordi­nary per­son with your own weak­ness­es and lim­its.

Liz Bourbeau

Trans­la­tion: Iya Zait­se­va


At her sem­i­nars, Liz teach­es in a sim­ple and acces­si­ble way the right atti­tude towards her body, helps to work through psy­cho-emo­tion­al trau­mas and launch pos­i­tive pro­grams in her life. Changes will not keep you wait­ing!

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