Exercises for the eyes while working at the monitor

Exercises for the eyes while working at the monitor

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Feb­ru­ary 07, 2017, 15:25

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If you have to work a lot at the mon­i­tor, then you are famil­iar with the prob­lem of red­ness, dry­ness and eye fatigue at the end of the work­ing day.

How­ev­er, there are some sim­ple exer­cis­es that you can do to pro­tect your eye­sight.

  • Close your eyes as hard as you can. Stay in this posi­tion for a few sec­onds, after which you need to open your eyes wide. Reg­u­lar­ly per­form­ing this exer­cise at least 10 times will not only help relax the eyes, but also help keep the skin of the eye­lids in good shape.
  • Close your eyes and cov­er them with your palms. Let your eyes rest for a cou­ple of min­utes, then remove your palms and open your eyes. This exer­cise must be repeat­ed at least 5 times — a sharp change in light­ing per­fect­ly tones the eyes, they will have a good rest and relax.
  • To strength­en the mus­cles of the eye­ball will help cir­cu­lar move­ments of the eyes clock­wise and in the oppo­site direc­tion. You can also “draw” with open eyes a fig­ure eight — hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal. Both exer­cis­es can be per­formed up to 10 times, after which you need to close your eyes and let them rest for a cou­ple of min­utes.
  • When work­ing at a com­put­er, the fol­low­ing exer­cise is very effec­tive: pat the area under the eyes with light move­ments of the fin­ger­tips, while keep­ing them closed. After that, mas­sage the super­cil­iary arch­es with light cir­cu­lar move­ments.
  • Place your index fin­ger in front of your face at a dis­tance of about 30 cen­time­ters. Focus your eyes on it, then slow­ly bring it clos­er to the tip of the nose, con­tin­u­ing to keep your eyes on it.

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