Hormones are to blame for rapid weight gain after a diet

08 Feb­ru­ary 2017, 17:28

Photo: Thinkstock/ photobank.ua

Pho­to: Thinkstock/ photobank.ua

Many peo­ple know the fact that some time after the end of the diet, the lost kilo­grams return. Most often, we think that the weak char­ac­ter of a per­son and the inabil­i­ty to con­trol his own appetite are to blame.

How­ev­er, every­thing is not so sim­ple. Sci­en­tists have found that excess weight after the end of the diet returns to a per­son not due to lack of willpow­er, but through the fault of hor­mones. It is they who make a per­son eat a lot and turn the process of eat­ing food into a con­stant bio­log­i­cal need.

Researchers from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mel­bourne con­duct­ed an exper­i­ment in which 50 over­weight or obese peo­ple took part.

The study last­ed 10 weeks, dur­ing which the par­tic­i­pants were on a strict diet. By the end of the term, all sub­jects dropped an aver­age of almost 14 kg. How­ev­er, despite such a stun­ning suc­cess, after about a year, all par­tic­i­pants in the exper­i­ment gained about 5.5 kg.

Sci­en­tists exam­ined the blood of patients for the con­tent of nine hor­mones in it, which are known to affect a per­son­’s appetite. It turned out that even a year after stop­ping the diet, six hor­mones made a per­son con­stant­ly feel hun­gry.

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