How to treat a cold at an early stage

Feb­ru­ary 18, 2017, 09:30

The suc­cess of ARVI treat­ment direct­ly depends on your actions at the ini­tial stage of the dis­ease.

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When we come into con­tact with car­ri­ers of virus­es, we inhale them (virus­es), and they attach to the epithe­lial cells of the res­pi­ra­to­ry tract, and then quick­ly spread through­out the body. How does the body react to this pen­e­tra­tion? Nat­u­ral­ly, he begins to fight the virus. Dam­aged cells pro­duce inter­fer­on to free them­selves from invaders. Anti­bod­ies are then released to neu­tral­ize the virus. How can we help the body? At the first symp­toms of a cold (weak­ness, mus­cle and headache, dis­charge from the nose, fever), take action imme­di­ate­ly.

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Support the immune system

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Bed rest is rec­om­mend­ed. Refuse to trav­el in pub­lic trans­port, resched­ule busi­ness meet­ings, do not tor­ture your­self with phys­i­cal exer­tion. Do not try to imme­di­ate­ly bring down the tem­per­a­ture at the begin­ning of the dis­ease! After all, this is a pro­tec­tive mech­a­nism of the body, it slows down the devel­op­ment and repro­duc­tion of virus­es. If the tem­per­a­ture ris­es above 38 degrees, you can use antipyret­ics.

Emergency help for colds

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It is bet­ter to start with tak­ing the safest med­i­cines that have the min­i­mum num­ber of con­traindi­ca­tions and go well with oth­er drugs. Usu­al­ly these are drugs that increase immu­ni­ty (based on echi­nacea, gin­seng), as well as non-spe­cif­ic antivi­ral drugs that act on a wide range of virus­es.

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Drink more

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Drink­ing plen­ty of water (2–3 liters per day) relieves the con­di­tion and flush­es out tox­ins from the body. Drink water, tea with hon­ey or rasp­ber­ries, rose­hip broth, fruit drinks.

Flush your nose

Accel­er­ate recov­ery by wash­ing the nose with a solu­tion of sea salt. It is also good to gar­gle with a solu­tion of chamomile, do inhala­tions with essen­tial oils of euca­lyp­tus, sage, tea tree, laven­der. They have bac­te­ri­ci­dal prop­er­ties and have a soft­en­ing effect on the mucous mem­branes of the throat and nose.

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Adjust your diet

Your body should receive all the vit­a­mins nec­es­sary to fight virus­es (pri­mar­i­ly A, E, C). Eat veg­eta­bles, fruits, fish. Give up cof­fee and alco­hol (they dehy­drate the body). Be sure to include gar­lic and onions in your diet: phy­ton­cides are known virus killers. Do not overeat: this way the body will spend less ener­gy on digest­ing food and let them fight the infec­tion.

Ventilate the room

Do this every 2 hours. This will avoid re-infec­tion and reduce the num­ber of virus­es.

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