How to wake up easily: expert advice

How to wake up easily: expert advice

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Feb­ru­ary 11, 2017, 04:25 PM

Фото: Berkeley T.Compton

Фото: Berke­ley T.Compton

In win­ter, most of us become “dor­mouse”. Not every­one man­ages to get out of bed when it is still dark out­side, and even more so, to feel active and cheer­ful at the same time.

A few sim­ple rec­om­men­da­tions from experts will help ease the morn­ing ris­es and help the body move from sleep to wake­ful­ness with­out stress for the body.

  1. Fol­low the dai­ly rou­tine — go to bed no lat­er than 10–11 pm, while try­ing to have din­ner no lat­er than 3 hours before bed­time. At night, it is bet­ter not to drink alco­hol, cof­fee, heavy and fat­ty foods — this adverse­ly affects the qual­i­ty of sleep and con­tributes to insom­nia.
  2. Choose the right posi­tion for sleep­ing. The most opti­mal is lying on your back. Psy­chol­o­gists say that this is the pose of a hap­py and self-con­fi­dent per­son. Refuse to sleep with your face in the pil­low: in addi­tion to being harm­ful to the skin, this posi­tion can cause oxy­gen star­va­tion and lead to morn­ing migraines.
  3. Pay atten­tion to the humid­i­ty in the bed­room. Too dry air can cause irri­tabil­i­ty, ner­vous­ness and anx­i­ety. In addi­tion, dry air can lead to var­i­ous res­pi­ra­to­ry dis­eases. There­fore, doc­tors strong­ly rec­om­mend the use of a humid­i­fi­er.
  4. Con­nect fra­grant artillery to the fight for the morn­ing “wak­ing up”. A pleas­ant morn­ing show­er with an invig­o­rat­ing aro­ma can do more than a cup of cof­fee. Just choose the water tem­per­a­ture that is com­fort­able for you — too cold will be stress­ful for the body that has not yet wok­en up, and hot can “lull” you again. Best of all, show­er gels with sea and cit­rus scents cope with the task of “wak­ing up and invig­o­rat­ing”.
  5. Do not too active, but effec­tive morn­ing exer­cis­es. You can stretch well or do a few dance moves. Sci­ence has proven that a light warm-up will help sat­u­rate the tis­sues with oxy­gen, and there­fore, wake up eas­i­er and faster.

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