Spa treatments to improve couples relationship

Feb­ru­ary 15, 2017, 12:41

It can be quite dif­fi­cult to keep rela­tion­ships in a cou­ple in their orig­i­nal beau­ty, in their har­mo­ny and sen­su­al­i­ty. But it’s pos­si­ble! There are many tips, but one of them looks like this. Ask your­self in the morn­ing the ques­tion: how can I please my soul mate today? How it works?

improve relations

Very sim­ple! You tune in to the same wave­length with your part­ner in the morn­ing. This ques­tion alone arous­es inter­est, awak­ens cre­ativ­i­ty, improves mood. It is always nice not only to receive, but also to give. So this is a great bonus not only for the oth­er half, but also for you.

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There are thou­sands of ways to please your soul mate. Maybe it will be a kiss or a hug, maybe a favorite dish, or maybe some­thing spe­cial. For exam­ple, to go away from the city and be alone.

It is espe­cial­ly pleas­ant to return to those places where you felt espe­cial­ly good, where you felt hap­py. If you have not found such a place yet, then right near Kyiv there is an amaz­ing spa hotel “Oriyana”, where you want to return again and again.

Spa pro­grams “Slav­ic fairy tale” and “Fairy tale for two” deserve spe­cial atten­tion. It is bet­ter to come to the “Slav­ic Fairy Tale” in the com­pa­ny of close friends, the pro­gram is designed for 8–12 peo­ple.

But “A Tale for Two” was cre­at­ed for a cou­ple. It feels like mag­ic is in the air right here. Pleas­ant details accom­pa­ny you every­where. When you check into your room, you will find rose petals and sweets on the bed, a post­card with nice words on the table. Before going through pleas­ant relax­ing treat­ments, you will be warned with a smile that the local angel leaves her mag­ic feath­ers every­where, and if you find all five, then with­in the next five days, some­thing won­der­ful will hap­pen in your life.

It’s fun­ny, but when you find anoth­er feath­er, you rejoice like a child, and it seems that the mir­a­cle has already tak­en place! But it turns out that this is only the begin­ning. And then won­der­ful pro­ce­dures await you.

What is the cost of a bath­house roy­al­ly in the hay. Imag­ine: the aro­ma of mead­ow herbs, fra­grant brooms in the hands of vir­tu­oso bath atten­dants. You and your oth­er half are laid on a pil­low of hay — and your fairy tale begins.

Now imag­ine your emo­tions from the cold water. And this mag­i­cal fra­grant steam of a phy­to-bar­rel, which, turn­ing into droplets, gen­tly flows down your body. After all this plea­sure, you will be rocked in the cra­dle to the sooth­ing voice of a fairy tale. A relax­ing mas­sage by can­dle­light is not the last sur­prise of the cupid, who leaves traces of his pres­ence every­where. Because a deli­cious can­dlelit din­ner awaits you!

There is some­thing spe­cial, mag­i­cal here. Dur­ing spa treat­ments, words are heard that touch you to the core. A fairy tale for two is built in such a way that you dis­cov­er some­thing new in each oth­er. No won­der many say that after this pro­gram their rela­tion­ship has risen to a new lev­el …


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