What foods can not be eaten for breakfast

Feb­ru­ary 10, 2017, 22:48

Many of us refuse the morn­ing meal: some­one has not yet wok­en up, some­one does not have time, and some­one wants to lose weight. But nutri­tion­ists con­sid­er break­fast the most impor­tant meal of the day, because the morn­ing meal allows you to get enough and recharge your bat­ter­ies for the whole day. How­ev­er, you need to clear­ly under­stand that not all prod­ucts are suit­able for the very first meal of the day. “Liza” offers to get acquaint­ed with the top 7 harm­ful foods to eat for break­fast.

Photo: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

Pho­to: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

Processed cheese

Heat treat­ment of this prod­uct destroys most of the nutri­ents. In addi­tion, curds con­tain a huge amount of fat. And if, in addi­tion to all of the above, you always remem­ber that all the accu­mu­lat­ed “sub­stan­dard” is usu­al­ly put in processed cheese, then you your­self will exclude this prod­uct not only from your morn­ing menu, but also from your family’s diet in gen­er­al.


Enough has been said and writ­ten about the harm­ful­ness of sausages — nutri­tion­ists and doc­tors cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly do not advise includ­ing sausage in your diet. If you can­not imag­ine a cup of morn­ing cof­fee or tea with­out a deli­cious sand­wich, replace the harm­ful sausage with some­thing more use­ful: for exam­ple, boiled meat.

Quick break­fasts

Many con­sid­er these prod­ucts to be the per­fect choice for a morn­ing meal, right­ful­ly con­sid­er­ing them con­ve­nient and quick to pre­pare. How­ev­er, it is worth think­ing about the qual­i­ty of such food — there is lit­tle ben­e­fit in them, and vit­a­mins, if they are con­tained, are intro­duced arti­fi­cial­ly. The basis of such a break­fast will be gluten or starch and sug­ar. Instant cere­als have a sim­i­lar effect: in the process of heat treat­ment in pro­duc­tion, slow car­bo­hy­drates in cere­als are replaced by fast ones.


Mues­li is con­sid­ered one of the most suit­able break­fasts. How­ev­er, this prod­uct has all the dis­ad­van­tages of the prod­uct group list­ed above. Fla­vor­ings, sweet­en­ers and dubi­ous qual­i­ty dried fruits do not add any ben­e­fit to the dish, but are guar­an­teed to increase its calo­rie con­tent.

Curd curds

Most often, curd cheese is noth­ing more than a mix­ture of sug­ar, veg­etable fats, fla­vors and thick­en­ers. Instead of being use­ful and ener­giz­ing for the day, such a break­fast can cause irrepara­ble harm to the body.

for­eign fruits

No one will argue that eat­ing fruit for break­fast is healthy. How­ev­er, the empha­sis here should be on domes­tic apples and pears. Import­ed fruits are deliv­ered to our region unripe, and a spe­cial chem­i­cal treat­ment ensures that they reach ripeness in just a mat­ter of hours. There­fore, the ben­e­fits of a morn­ing banana are more than doubt­ful.

Juices in pack­ages

As a rule, pack­aged juices are recon­sti­tut­ed dur­ing the pro­duc­tion process, when water and sug­ar are added to the dried pulp or con­cen­trat­ed juice. If you like to drink a glass of juice in the morn­ing — do not spare a cou­ple of extra min­utes to pre­pare a real tasty and healthy fresh juice, for exam­ple, orange.

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