When Oatmeal Becomes Unhealthy

Feb­ru­ary 07, 2017, 19:22

Photo: Thinkstock/photobank.ua

Pho­to: Thinkstock/photobank.ua

Aus­tralian sci­en­tists con­duct­ed a series of stud­ies, dur­ing which they found out that fre­quent con­sump­tion of oat­meal can harm the body.

It turns out that too much oat­meal in the diet can lead to the destruc­tion of bone tis­sue. It’s all about the high con­tent of phyt­ic acid in oat­meal.

This sub­stance inter­feres with the nor­mal absorp­tion of cal­ci­um by the body, which is washed out of the bones and not absorbed by the intestines at the prop­er lev­el. This prob­lem can­not be solved even by the use of var­i­ous dietary sup­ple­ments.

A lack of cal­ci­um can cause a per­son­’s bones to become more brit­tle and there­fore prone to fre­quent frac­tures and cracks.

How­ev­er, you should not com­plete­ly aban­don oat­meal: it nor­mal­izes the work of the stom­ach and the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem. Oat­meal is also able to effec­tive­ly strength­en the immune sys­tem.

In order for oat­meal to bring only ben­e­fits to the body, you just need to use it cor­rect­ly. Sci­en­tists rec­om­mend eat­ing oat­meal for 14 days, then tak­ing a two-week break. At the end of this peri­od, por­ridge can be returned to the menu. With such a diet, oat­meal will only bring you ben­e­fits and health.

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