Is giving up meat good for your health?

Despite the fact that today many peo­ple are fond of the idea of ​​giv­ing up meat, there are still many oppo­nents of veg­e­tar­i­an­ism. There are many mis­con­cep­tions about a veg­e­tar­i­an lifestyle among meat eaters.



Let’s try to expose some illu­sions and stereo­types about veg­e­tar­i­an­ism.

Those who have giv­en up meat do not have enough nutri­ents for men­tal activ­i­ty

Oppo­nents of veg­e­tar­i­an­ism make the argu­ment that a per­son must eat fish, because. it has a lot of phos­pho­rus, which helps the for­ma­tion of brain cells. Skep­tics can be answered that legumes, car­rots, cau­li­flower, pump­kin, cel­ery, nuts and some oth­er foods also con­tain a suf­fi­cient amount of phos­pho­rus. For bet­ter absorp­tion, legumes and cere­als can be pre-soaked before cook­ing.

3 dishes with history: tempura vegetables, waldorf salad, minestrone

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And the list of great peo­ple who have giv­en up meat is sim­ply stag­ger­ing: Leo Tol­stoy, Schopen­hauer, Leonar­do da Vin­ci, New­ton, Pythago­ras, Byron and Con­fu­cius. It is unlike­ly that any­one can reproach these peo­ple for not hav­ing enough ener­gy for men­tal activ­i­ty.

Veg­e­tar­i­ans devel­op ane­mia

Iron, with a defi­cien­cy of which ane­mia devel­ops, is also found in many veg­eta­bles and fruits, cere­als, sea­weed, pars­ley, dill, cur­rants, legumes, hazel­nuts, raisins and oth­er prod­ucts. And for bet­ter absorp­tion of iron from plant foods, iron-rich foods should be con­sumed with foods rich in vit­a­min C, such as pars­ley, dill, or lemon juice. And you should also give up strong tea and cof­fee — they delay the absorp­tion of iron.

Veg­e­tar­i­ans are weak and look ema­ci­at­ed and unhealthy in appear­ance

In fact, peo­ple who have giv­en up meat are more resilient and ener­getic, because. they do not need to expend their ener­gy remov­ing meat tox­ins. The leg­endary mar­tial artist Bruce Lee was known for his ener­gy and phys­i­cal fit­ness: for exam­ple, he could do push-ups on two fin­gers of one hand or hold a 32-kilo­gram ket­tle­bell at arm’s length for sev­er­al sec­onds. But Lee was a veg­e­tar­i­an!

Is it real­ly pos­si­ble to call hag­gard such rec­og­nized beau­ties and beau­ties of Hol­ly­wood as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz or Nicole Kid­man, who refused meat?!

Veg­e­tar­i­an­ism spoils health

Onion pie with green peas

Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, meat con­sump­tion is the main cause of death in most devel­oped coun­tries, sec­ond only to alco­holism and smok­ing. This is due to the fact that the human body can­not cope with an excess of ani­mal fats and cho­les­terol.

In addi­tion, hor­mones, tran­quil­iz­ers, antibi­otics are added to the meat of ani­mals that are pre­pared for slaugh­ter — more than 2,700 dif­fer­ent drugs in total. Draw your own con­clu­sions.

Preg­nant women and chil­dren should def­i­nite­ly eat meat

The first months of life, the child eats only moth­er’s milk, and dur­ing this time his weight increas­es sev­er­al times. There­fore, talk about the fact that meat can­not be replaced by any­thing else is ground­less.

The fact that over 80% of Indi­a’s pop­u­la­tion is veg­e­tar­i­an does­n’t stop it from being one of the most pro­lif­ic coun­tries in the world.

Hol­ly­wood star Ali­cia Sil­ver­stone in 2011 was rec­og­nized as the sex­i­est veg­e­tar­i­an. Giv­ing up meat did not pre­vent her from giv­ing birth to a won­der­ful healthy baby.

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