Wheat sprouts — the benefits of sprouts, how live food affects the body

Jan­u­ary 25, 2017, 04:44 PM

Wheat germs bring unde­ni­able ben­e­fits to the body, if reg­u­lar­ly added to the diet. It was from this prod­uct that vit­a­min E, toco­pherol, was first iso­lat­ed in 1936. Add ger­mi­nat­ed wheat to your diet — and feel a surge of strength!

benefits of sprouts

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About the ben­e­fits ger­mi­nat­ed wheat It has been known for a very long time — sprouts have a lot of heal­ing prop­er­ties and are remark­ably absorbed by the body.

Nutri­tion­ists rec­om­mend using them for meta­bol­ic dis­or­ders, over­weight, weak­ened immu­ni­ty, hyper­ten­sion, depres­sion, as well as for reju­ve­nat­ing the body, increas­ing vital­i­ty, strength­en­ing nails and hair.

wheat germ

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To ger­mi­nate wheat at home, take 100–200 g of grains (avail­able at a phar­ma­cy or health food store), rinse with cold water and put in a bowl.

Then fill with water 1 cm above the wheat lev­el and leave overnight. In the morn­ing, rinse the grains, lay them in a thin lay­er in a flat con­tain­er and cov­er with damp gauze fold­ed in sev­er­al lay­ers. Make sure that the wheat germ is kept moist and warm at all times. After two days, small sprouts will appear.

Need to use sprouts raw, 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day. And when the wheat sprouts grow to 10–13 cm, you can cut them and make juice.

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