What foods to eat to lose weight for the New Year

Decem­ber 27, 2016, 09:09

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To look stun­ning on New Year’s Eve, you should take care of your­self now. The main focus should be on nutri­tion. The New Year’s diet for the remain­ing 2 weeks before the New Year hol­i­days will help you lose up to 6 kilo­grams with­out much stress for the body.

To prop­er­ly use this diet, you need to remem­ber a few basic rules and strict­ly fol­low them.

Taboo prod­ucts

Dur­ing the diet, it is strict­ly for­bid­den to eat bak­ery and pas­ta, pas­tries, pota­toes and corn. Elim­i­nate bananas, grapes, car­rots, beets from the diet. At this time, you need to give up milk choco­late, jam and jam. All of these prod­ucts have a rather neg­a­tive effect on the fig­ure, because. con­tain sug­ar, glu­cose and malt.

Under the ban are also prod­ucts that con­tain car­cino­gens and fats: meat, lard, smoked meats and fried foods. For the dura­tion of the diet, you need to say “no” to sausage, cut­lets and chops.

Pick­les are also on the stop list. Such food retains water in the body, which leads to swelling and weight gain.

Nat­u­ral­ly, alco­hol and sug­ary car­bon­at­ed drinks are on the list of pro­hib­it­ed foods. By the way, it would be good to refuse the lat­ter not for the dura­tion of the diet, but for good.

Foods to eat

First of all, dur­ing the diet you need to eat bran bread, brown rice, oat­meal with buck­wheat, legumes, toma­toes and green veg­eta­bles. Dark choco­late and fresh fruits can “sweet­en” the diet. These prod­ucts will enrich the body with the nec­es­sary car­bo­hy­drates.

In the diet, you can leave fat­ty foods, which do not include harm­ful fats. Essen­tial fat­ty acids for the body that speed up metab­o­lism are found in fish (espe­cial­ly in tuna and salmon), nuts, veg­etable oils — olive and sesame.

Dur­ing the diet, strict­ly mon­i­tor flu­id intake. The dai­ly vol­ume of flu­id con­sumed should be at least one and a half liters. A day is allowed to drink 2 cups of tea (prefer­ably green), and if you real­ly, real­ly want — 1 cup of cof­fee.

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