A man decided to have a head transplant: watch on the channel “Ukraine”

August 31, 2016, 3:23 p.m

On August 31 and Sep­tem­ber 1 at 19.45 on the air of the TV chan­nel “Ukraine” there will be exclu­sive episodes of the talk show “Talk Ukraine” with Alex­ey Sukhanov. The hero of the pro­grams will be the first per­son in the world who is planned to have his head trans­plant­ed onto some­one else’s body as ear­ly as next year, 2017!

Valery Spiridonov is ready to risk his life

Valery Spiri­donov is ready to risk his life

All over the world, doc­tors dis­agree: some call this oper­a­tion a break­through in mod­ern trans­plan­ta­tion, while oth­ers argue that trans­plant­i­ng a head to anoth­er body is impos­si­ble. Why did the young man decide on such a dan­ger­ous exper­i­ment? And who will agree to give him his body? Two years ago pro­gram­mer Valery Spiri­donov shocked his moth­er with the news that he was going to cut off his own head and trans­plant it to anoth­er body.

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The man has already found a doc­tor who agreed to per­form the world’s first head trans­plant. It will be an Ital­ian neu­ro­sur­geon Ser­gio Canavero. Pri­or to this, such oper­a­tions on humans have not been per­formed all over the world. Sev­er­al pro­fes­sors tried to trans­plant the heads of dogs and mon­keys to oth­er bod­ies, but soon the ani­mals died.

“I am ready to take the risk and become a test sub­ject, because I can die with­out surgery. Even in ear­ly child­hood, I was diag­nosed with Werd­nig-Hoff­mann syn­drome. This is a dis­ease in which all mus­cles atro­phy in a per­son. With her, peo­ple do not live up to twen­ty, and I am already 30. But the heart is also a mus­cle — and it can stop any day, ”says Valery Spiri­donov.

The man claims that the Ital­ian neu­ro­sur­geon Ser­gio Canavero has devel­oped a unique tech­nique for “glu­ing” cells using a spe­cial bio­gel. Thus, he cured a girl with a spinal injury in Italy. “His tech­nol­o­gy makes head trans­plants pos­si­ble. After all, once, 50 years ago, heart trans­plan­ta­tion was the same rev­o­lu­tion. And now thou­sands of peo­ple with donor hearts live in the world, ”says Spiri­donov. The jour­nal­ists of the chan­nel “Ukraine” with the help of spe­cial­ists will fig­ure out whether it is real­ly pos­si­ble to car­ry out this most com­pli­cat­ed oper­a­tion?

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