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04 August 2016, 18:31

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Then you must have heard of Cross­Fit. This mod­ern form of fit­ness is gain­ing momen­tum, and not only among men. I won­der what attracts girls in pow­er loads?

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Cross­Fit is a cir­cuit train­ing with­out rest, dur­ing which exer­cis­es are per­formed one after anoth­er with min­i­mal rest.

CrossFit and preparation

But in addi­tion to the non-stop rhythm, Cross­Fit involves both strength exer­cis­es and run­ning, pulling up, climb­ing ropes, etc. Girls who do not like phys­i­cal activ­i­ty with­out dynam­ics will like Cross­Fit. But where to start? In order for a begin­ner not to get con­fused, it is worth under­stand­ing the sequence. Experts rec­om­mend start­ing with a com­bi­na­tion of exer­cis­es, con­trol­ling speed / tech­nique and, most impor­tant­ly, not rush­ing to increase the load! Do every­thing grad­u­al­ly.


A rough train­ing plan might look like this: first of all, squats with a med­i­cine ball are per­formed. A med­i­cine ball is a met­al ball weigh­ing from 1 to 20 kg. Yes, Cross­Fit­ters are like that! They love grav­i­ty and pres­sure. The sec­ond is run­ning for a dis­tance or in place. The third is pump­ing the press, and not just, but rais­ing the legs, hang­ing on the rings or hor­i­zon­tal bar. And in the end: dead­lift, that is, exer­cis­es with a bar­bell. As you can see, loads on the ama­teur.

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Prevention of aging

And many more exer­cis­es are more con­ve­nient to per­form in the gym, you must admit, not every­one has a bar­bell or the same med­i­cine ball at home. But the advan­tage of cross­fit is ver­sa­til­i­ty, since you or your coach will be able to choose an indi­vid­ual load on all mus­cle groups. Also, thanks to cross­fit, you can lose weight, strength­en mus­cles, improve reac­tion speed and coor­di­na­tion of move­ments. And it is also an excel­lent pre­ven­tion of aging joints.

Lead­ing coach­es call the absence of stress one of the advan­tages. Train­ing pro­vides the cross­fit­ter with a reg­u­lar release of endor­phins.



Anoth­er fea­ture: for 20 min­utes of train­ing, that’s how much lovers of this direc­tion usu­al­ly train, all exer­cis­es are per­formed “in a cir­cle” at least 4 times. And dur­ing train­ing, it is not rec­om­mend­ed to drink water.


True, despite the odes to cross­fit, there are nuances, since a girl unpre­pared for such phys­i­cal exer­tion can harm her health with an illit­er­ate dis­tri­b­u­tion of efforts, injuries are pos­si­ble. In cross­fit, a very seri­ous load on the heart, which is forced to work in high-speed mode. And espe­cial­ly ded­i­cat­ed Cross­Fit­ters adhere to a spe­cial diet, which is called the “paleo diet”. For more infor­ma­tion on diet and exer­cise, watch the video.

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