Dr. Valikhnovsky named 4 factors of longevity

Novem­ber 02, 2016, 19:28

A well-known sur­geon, an expert of the pop­u­lar project “Give me back the beau­ty” on the TV chan­nel “1 + 1” Ros­tislav Valikhnovsky told what most affects longevi­ty

Rostislav Valikhnovsky

Ros­tislav Valikhnovsky

The doc­tor believes that Ukraini­ans get sick most of all due to stress, poor ecol­o­gy, wrong eat­ing habits and a friv­o­lous atti­tude to their own health. But they pro­long life and allow you to live up to 90, or even 100 years, just a few fac­tors.

“The main fac­tor is the abil­i­ty to fight and dose stress,” says the physi­cian, “in sec­ond place is the abil­i­ty to think pos­i­tive­ly and not get hung up on prob­lems. Third, com­fort. Psy­chol­o­gists incor­rect­ly believe that it is worth delib­er­ate­ly leav­ing the com­fort zone, but for the body this is unwant­ed stress. In my opin­ion, it is worth choos­ing the right sports, nutri­tion, and so on from what suits you per­son­al­ly, what you like, what is com­fort­able for us. In fourth place — per­son­al pri­or­i­ty and the abil­i­ty to focus on the main thing ”

Sci­en­tists have cal­cu­lat­ed that 53% of our health depends on lifestyle and eat­ing habits, anoth­er 21% on peace of mind and men­tal health, 13% on the sup­port of fam­i­ly and friends, and only 7% on income and 4% on lev­el of health care in the coun­try.

To pre­serve beau­ty and youth, Dr. Valikhnovsky rec­om­mends doing sports only in the fresh air. So, in his opin­ion, the body is more sat­u­rat­ed with oxy­gen. You also need to fall in love with cold douch­es and SPA pro­ce­dures — they allow you to start the process­es of metab­o­lism and regen­er­a­tion of young skin cells and the whole body.


Named prod­uct that pro­longs life

pro­long youth

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