Erosion of the cervix: it is necessary to treat!

August 23, 2016, 1:17 p.m

For most of us, the psy­cho­log­i­cal atti­tude is as fol­lows: until it hurts (or while it hurts, but you can endure), it is bet­ter to “wait out” any sore. Vis­it­ing a doc­tor is expen­sive, and often there is no time.


And we usu­al­ly go to the gyne­col­o­gist when alarm­ing symp­toms appear, neglect­ing reg­u­lar pre­ven­tive exam­i­na­tions. How­ev­er, in the event that, God for­bid, you have cer­vi­cal ero­sion, a female doc­tor should be vis­it­ed reg­u­lar­ly.

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What a ter­ri­ble diag­no­sis — “cer­vi­cal ero­sion?”

The cervix is ​​a kind of entrance to the uterus, which does not allow infec­tion to enter. In its nor­mal state, it is cov­ered with smooth, even, pale pink skin. The diag­no­sis of “cer­vi­cal ero­sion” means that the pink cylin­dri­cal epithe­li­um, which is locat­ed inside the cervix, has come to its sur­face. The doc­tor can see the signs of this dis­ease with just one gyne­co­log­i­cal mir­ror.

Many girls and women, after lis­ten­ing to the doc­tor’s rec­om­men­da­tions and his expla­na­tions, decide that ero­sion is just a wound, and after drink­ing a course of pre­scribed med­ica­tions, they for­get about this prob­lem. The wound means it will heal.

What is fraught with this dis­ease?

I have a stomachache

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But if ero­sion is not cured and the con­di­tion of the cervix is ​​not mon­i­tored, the pro­tec­tion of the uterus from infec­tions is reduced. As a result, there is a risk of earn­ing inflam­ma­tion of the cylin­dri­cal epithe­li­um and cer­vi­cal dys­pla­sia — and the lat­ter can devel­op into cer­vi­cal can­cer in a few years. 6 women die from this type of malig­nant tumor in Ukraine every day!

How to iden­ti­fy the dis­ease?

The dis­ease can be detect­ed by exam­i­na­tion and cyto­log­i­cal analy­sis. As a rule, cer­vi­cal ero­sion and dys­pla­sia do not both­er a woman, and she does not know any­thing.

Why does ero­sion occur?

At the same time, get­ting infect­ed with a virus that caus­es ero­sion is eas­i­er than a lung. It is car­ried — and these are strains of the human papil­lo­mavirus — by men in whom this does not man­i­fest itself at all. HPV, mul­ti­ply­ing, leads to cer­vi­cal ero­sion, which in turn trans­forms into dys­pla­sia.

Med­ical treat­ment is a must!

Ero­sion of the cervix is ​​pre­na­tal and post­na­tal.

After treat­ment pre­scribed by a gyne­col­o­gist, with pre­na­tal ero­sion, an annu­al exam­i­na­tion and cyto­log­i­cal analy­sis is suf­fi­cient.

With post­par­tum (trau­mat­ic) ero­sion, the doc­tor will most like­ly pre­scribe cau­ter­i­za­tion: using elec­tric cur­rent, liq­uid nitro­gen, or a laser. After this pro­ce­dure, the skin of the prob­lem area heals, and the woman is con­sid­ered healthy.

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