How to beat autumn depression? Seven Tips

Sep­tem­ber 14, 2016, 17:30

How to over­come the autumn depres­sion that occurs in every fifth inhab­i­tant of the plan­et? Fol­low our advice!



1. More light

For three months of sum­mer, you got used to the bright sun, and now you miss it mad­ly? Try to pro­vide your­self with good light­ing, not only at work, but also at home. You should not save elec­tric­i­ty: turn on floor lamps, table lamps, bed­side lamps. May the sun, albeit arti­fi­cial, always be with you!

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2. Delicious medicine

An excel­lent rem­e­dy for autumn blues — a favorite treat. Diet is a good thing. How­ev­er, in a peri­od of spir­i­tu­al bad weath­er, it is bet­ter to for­get about it. Treat your­self to a deli­cious favorite dish or a deli­cious cake. You’ll see — life will get bet­ter!

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3. Beautiful things

Does the world seem gray and dull to you? Sur­round your­self with beau­ti­ful things. By the way, the mood is lift­ed not only by new clothes, but also by bright details of the inte­ri­or. Per­haps, in order to add col­or to your own life, it will be enough to dec­o­rate the house with autumn leaves.

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4. Friends and family

When it’s rain­ing out­side, you don’t feel like lean­ing out from under a warm blan­ket. But lone­li­ness is not the best ally in the fight against autumn depres­sion. Try to meet with friends as often as pos­si­ble, and spend evenings sur­round­ed by loved ones.

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5. Healthy sleep

Don’t for­get about healthy sleep. Chron­ic lack of sleep will only exac­er­bate your con­di­tion. Take a bath before bed, lis­ten to sooth­ing music or watch your favorite movie — this con­tributes to a sound and qual­i­ty sleep.

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6. Great time of the year

Look at autumn with dif­fer­ent eyes. Yes, the gray sky, end­less rains, cold wind — all this does not add opti­mism. How­ev­er, only in autumn the trees put on burn­ing clothes, and a bright yel­low car­pet of fall­en leaves spreads under their feet.

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7. Walk

Bad mood? A walk in the autumn for­est will do you good. And if you’re lucky, you’ll return home with a full bas­ket of mush­rooms!


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