How to lose weight in autumn

August 29, 2016, 5:00 p.m

In autumn, your body needs to rebuild and pre­pare for the cold. That is why the diet at this time of the year should be not only a way to get rid of extra pounds, but also a means of replen­ish­ing vit­a­min reserves.



If this fall you are deter­mined to lose weight, try to adhere to the fol­low­ing rules dur­ing the diet.

Autumn is not the time for strict diets. Make sure your body gets as many nutri­ents as pos­si­ble.

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Eat fractionally

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It is best to eat small meals six times a day.

Try to avoid junk food

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Ham­burg­ers, french fries, sug­ary sodas, and oth­er tempt­ing treats are full of trans fats that can wreak hav­oc on your health.

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Refrain from extreme weight loss



Remem­ber, dur­ing a diet, the body is under stress. As soon as you switch to a nor­mal diet, he will begin to accu­mu­late fat.

Do not eat only fruits and vegetables

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Let your menu be var­ied and include nuts, fish, meat, cere­als, and dairy prod­ucts.

Coun­cil. Make sure that the calo­rie con­tent of your diet does not fall below 800 calo­ries per day. It’s dan­ger­ous to health!


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