How to stay healthy if you don’t have time to eat properly

Novem­ber 03, 2016, 12:38

The mod­ern rhythm of life dic­tates its con­di­tions to us. A lot needs to be done in a day: take the chil­dren to school, hold sev­er­al busi­ness meet­ings, make a pre­sen­ta­tion, be in time for a sports club … For all these things, we often do not have time to eat prop­er­ly …

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After all, to eat nor­mal­ly, we need at least half an hour. Often we spend these pre­cious min­utes on seem­ing­ly more impor­tant things.

As a result, we live all day on snacks: sand­wich­es, sand­wich­es, cook­ies … Hun­gry and tired, we often eat prop­er­ly for the first time only in the evening at home.

But a hearty din­ner (after all, we cook not only for our­selves, but for the whole fam­i­ly) brings momen­tary plea­sure, and then dis­com­fort for the whole night.

The rea­son is sim­ple — mal­nu­tri­tion. Heav­i­ness and dis­com­fort on the left under the ribs mean that your pan­creas is ask­ing for help. What to do?

1. Try to take lunch box­es with you to work. And it should not be sand­wich­es, but food that will ben­e­fit your stom­ach. Pre­pare soups, cere­als, meat, sal­ads — some­thing that you can not have a bite to eat, but real­ly have a full lunch. And be sure to set aside at least half an hour for this.

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In order not to “quick­ly shove food into your­self”, and slow­ly, chew­ing well, eat your lunch. If you still think that dur­ing this time you could do some­thing more impor­tant (although what could be more impor­tant than tak­ing care of your stom­ach?), then dur­ing lunch you can make an infor­mal meet­ing or call your moth­er — after all, these things also require your time, right?

2. For snacks, take not sweets and cook­ies, but nuts, cot­tage cheese, yogurt These foods are health­i­er and help your stom­ach func­tion nor­mal­ly.

By the way, try to fol­low a cer­tain eat­ing sched­ule — so your body will not suf­fer from sud­den hunger strikes or large amounts of food. It is best that your dai­ly diet con­sists of three main meals and two snacks.

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3. Of course, it hap­pens that life makes its own adjust­ments to our plans.and we real­ly only have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to eat in the evening. In such cas­es, it is advis­able to have enzyme prepa­ra­tions in your first aid kit.

Today, the enzyme prepa­ra­tion No. 1 in the world is con­sid­ered Cre­on. Each cap­sule of Cre­on 10000 con­tains pan­cre­at­ic enzymes in a unique release form — min­imi­cros­pheres, tiny par­ti­cles with a diam­e­ter of 1–1.2 mm. A large num­ber of min­imi­cros­pheres in a cap­sule (280–300 pcs) allows the enzymes to mix per­fect­ly with food and pro­vide a much greater effi­cien­cy of food diges­tion than, for exam­ple, when using larg­er forms of release.

As a result, even if you spent the whole day on cof­fee alone, and ate a steak with pota­toes in the evening, Cre­on will help your pan­creas cope with food and pro­tect you from feel­ings of dis­com­fort. By the way, experts rec­om­mend car­ry­ing enzyme prepa­ra­tions every­where with you — in order to always feel great!

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