how to understand that you are full?

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Sure­ly, many have tried to con­trol the amount of food they eat, but as prac­tice shows, almost all ways to fix what they eat are pow­er­less in the face of hunger. And this is not sur­pris­ing, because food is our phys­i­o­log­i­cal need.

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Do you believe or not?

Per­haps the most dif­fi­cult learn to “not seize” your emo­tions with food and to dis­tin­guish between such impor­tant sig­nals as hunger and sati­ety. Once upon a time, we knew how to do all this, but we unlearned it with age and under the influ­ence of var­i­ous diets and dietary ideas (when, for exam­ple, sug­ar, salt, trans fats were alter­nate­ly declared evil and rec­om­mend­ed to be avoid­ed).

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It’s time to restore a use­ful skill! There are many tech­niques and exer­cis­es in the arse­nal of fol­low­ers of IP — intu­itive eat­ing.

For exam­ple, in order not to miss the feel­ing of sati­ety, you should pause in the mid­dle of a meal.

Or just start eat­ing a lit­tle slow­er than usu­al to focus on the process and answer ques­tions:

Do you like the taste of what you eat? Or just got used (la) that “you need to fin­ish eat­ing”?

  • Are you still hun­gry? Do you have some­thing sim­i­lar to a feel­ing of full­ness?
  • At the end of the meal, try to under­stand at what lev­el of sat­u­ra­tion you stopped by rat­ing from 1 to 10.
  • It is also very impor­tant to know which foods are good and which are bad.
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Food that is not satiating

  • Sal­ad
  • Fresh fruits
  • Chicken/turkey breast

Optimal food accompaniment

  • Tuna, chick­en; Turk­ish peas, beans; bread or bread with bran; dress­ing or sal­ad dress­ing
  • Cheese, bran bread, yogurt
  • Cere­al side dish­es, pas­ta; whole wheat bread; sauce

understand yourself

To learn how to sat­is­fy your needs with­out food, it is very impor­tant to rec­og­nize these needs them­selves. Agree that you have the right to rest, sen­su­al plea­sure, the expres­sion of your emo­tions.

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The taste of food

If you have been diet­ing for a long time, it will be dif­fi­cult to accept that food actu­al­ly has a lot of advan­tages. Yes, it is because of these deli­cious donuts that you get bet­ter, and then you feel like a weak-willed per­son, but it is they that con­sole us, dull the resent­ment and annoy­ance at loved ones.

In this case you should try to make your own list of dish­es and prod­uctsto fig­ure out what is good and what is bad food in your case: tasty / rais­es cho­les­terol; relieves bore­dom / makes you feel full and unhealthy …

By accept­ing that food has its perks, instead of feel­ing like a slave to it, you will final­ly gain pow­er over it.

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