Inhalation for cough and sinusitis

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In the treat­ment of colds, sore throats, bron­chi­tis at home, they often resort to such a sim­ple but effec­tive pro­ce­dure as inhala­tion — inhala­tion of ther­a­peu­tic vapors based on med­i­cines or herbs. The advan­tage of inhala­tion is that heal­ing sub­stances are absorbed very quick­ly. In addi­tion, they are absorbed direct­ly in the organs of the res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem. This reduces the risk of side effects com­pared to oral or injec­tion med­ica­tions.

cough inhalation

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What is treated with inhalation

  • acute res­pi­ra­to­ry dis­eases accom­pa­nied by run­ny nose, cough, sore throat,
  • laryn­gi­tis, pharyn­gi­tis, tra­cheitis,
  • bron­chi­tis and pneu­mo­nia
  • angi­na.
cold inhalation

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In addi­tion, inhala­tion is sim­ply indis­pens­able for asth­ma attacks.

Correct inhalation

To achieve the max­i­mum effect from inhala­tion, you need to fol­low a few sim­ple rules:

correct use of inhalation

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  • Do not inhale if your body tem­per­a­ture is above 37.5°C.
  • Per­form inhala­tions no ear­li­er than 1 — 1.5 after eat­ing or phys­i­cal exer­tion.
  • Inhala­tion is con­traindi­cat­ed for nose­bleeds.
  • The dura­tion of inhala­tions is 5–10 min­utes.

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Inhalation with a cold

If with a cough and sore throat we breathe through the mouth dur­ing inhala­tion, then with a run­ny nose — through the nose. Even if it’s stuck.

cold remedy

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Relief from the accu­mu­la­tion of mucus in the nasophar­ynx is brought by steam inhala­tions with essen­tial oils: fir, tea tree, euca­lyp­tus. If a run­ny nose is in the ini­tial stage of devel­op­ment, pep­per­mint oil will help. A pro­tract­ed run­ny nose lends itself to the effects of pine, chamomile, and laven­der oils. They can be con­nect­ed or used sep­a­rate­ly.

When coughing

inhalation with sage

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Inhala­tions can also be car­ried out with decoc­tions of herbs: colts­foot, chamomile, sage, pars­ley, rose­mary, ele­cam­pane, fir, pine, rasp­ber­ry leaf, cur­rant.


Take 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of raw mate­ri­als in a glass of water. Plants pour boil­ing water and sim­mer in a water bath for 30 min­utes. Pour into a wide con­tain­er (cool slight­ly to avoid burns) or inhaler. At the end of the inhala­tion, it is best to lie in bed for half an hour and rest. You can go out­side only after an hour, so as not to chill the max­il­lary sinus­es.

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And in order not to become a vic­tim of virus­es and bac­te­ria dur­ing the cold sea­son, every day there should be “antivi­ral” sand­wich­es from the Domash­niy Dok­tor mag­a­zine on your table.

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