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August 23, 2016, 2:30 p.m

Many peo­ple know Mon­i­ca Bel­luc­ci as a suc­cess­ful actress, few peo­ple know that this amaz­ing woman began her cre­ative career as a mod­el. She was lucky by nature, she is tall and slen­der. But over the years, many lose their beau­ty and charm, but this does not apply to Mon­i­ca Bel­luc­ci.

Burda Media

Bur­da Media

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Organic in everything

The actress is not active­ly involved in sports and does not exhaust her­self with diets. It is dif­fi­cult to call her thin, she is the own­er of beau­ti­ful, fem­i­nine forms. And she allows her­self a serv­ing of Ital­ian pas­ta at night. An inter­est­ing fact: the actress assures that it is thanks to the nation­al dish she loves and many Ital­ians that she has a beau­ti­ful fig­ure. And yet the actress nev­er does not deny him­self deli­cious food and is proud of his forms. And also: she accepts nat­ur­al aging as it should be for a real woman.

“I always tell young girls: “Learn to love your body!” After all, the ide­al does not exist, and it is quite obvi­ous that a woman with forms is no less beau­ti­ful than a thin girl. You just need to learn to accept your­self for who you are.

Burda Media

Bur­da Media

The most inter­est­ing thing is that those rare diets that Mon­i­ca some­times adheres to include … Ital­ian spaghet­ti. But oth­er than that, the actress prefers a bal­anced diet. It allows you to get the nec­es­sary use­ful trace ele­ments that give it ener­gy, nour­ish it and allow you to look gor­geous. The actress sticks to her own anti-aging diet, which comes in two ver­sions.

First option

  1. Break­fast — a cup of tea with lemon, 2 toasts and fruit.
  2. Lunch — boiled pota­toes with olive oil and herbs, low-fat cheese.
  3. Din­ner — spaghet­ti with toma­toes and herbs, fruit.
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Second option

  • Break­fast — 200 g low-fat yogurt with one spoon of corn flakes.
  • Lunch — 50 g of rice, 100 g of stewed zuc­chi­ni, berries.
  • Din­ner — 150 g of boiled fish, veg­etable sal­ad and grapes.

Emphasis on merit

The main prin­ci­ple of Mon­i­ca Beluc­ci’s diet is small por­tions. Also, the actress drinks a lot of water, does not smoke or abuse alco­hol. Read more at:

The main prin­ci­ple of Mon­i­ca Bel­luc­ci’s diet is small por­tions. Also, the actress drinks a lot of water, does not smoke and does not abuse alco­hol. Even when she hap­pens to gain extra pounds, she is charm­ing and irre­sistible in her fem­i­nin­i­ty. She skill­ful­ly hides her flaws, which only she knows about, and knows how to empha­size her virtues, which every­one else notices …

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