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August 25, 2016, 7:23 p.m

In the last decade of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry, sci­ence has come close to the organ that, with its care­ful stim­u­la­tion, can help pro­long life. This is the pitu­itary gland, which pro­duces the only hor­mone of youth — soma­totropin, most often called growth hor­mone.

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Not only cer­tain sub­stances, the so-called soma­totropin releasers, but also a spe­cial diet, exer­cise and a cer­tain lifestyle increase the release of growth hor­mone.

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The pro­duc­tion of growth hor­mone increas­es with large inter­vals between meals — more than five hours (espe­cial­ly with dosed fast­ing for sev­er­al days or weeks), as well as dur­ing phys­i­cal exer­tion, and for begin­ners it is enough to devote half an hour every oth­er day to this. It can be aer­o­bics, run­ning, exer­cis­es with dumb­bells.

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Since the cre­ation of the world, search­es have been made for the elixir of eter­nal youth. Reju­ve­nat­ing apples are famil­iar from our folk tales. And not in vain!

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Apples real­ly have a reju­ve­nat­ing effect. For exam­ple, masks made from these fruits refresh and tone the skin. More­over, the most use­ful in this regard are the fruits of the wild apple tree — ray­ki. Red small tart apples have been proven to be a bios­tim­u­lant and can have a reju­ve­nat­ing effect. Siber­ian heal­ers pre­scribed them for the treat­ment of impo­tence and infer­til­i­ty.


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And Siber­ian herbal­ists trust­ed the infu­sion of cedar resin in cedar oil. They were sure that this rem­e­dy not only cures many dis­eases, but also pre­vents the aging of the body.

Active search­es for the elixir of youth were car­ried out in ancient Chi­na and Japan. The emper­ors of these coun­tries con­stant­ly used a decoc­tion of the famous shi­itake mush­room, which con­tributed to the pro­lon­ga­tion of life and strength­ened the vital ener­gy Qi.

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Cordy­ceps fun­gus is still in great demand as a geron­to­log­i­cal rem­e­dy in Chi­nese med­i­cine. It stim­u­lates the immune sys­tem, restores vital­i­ty to the elder­ly and seri­ous­ly ill peo­ple.
Mush­rooms as a means of reju­ve­na­tion were also used in our coun­try.

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Slav­ic women often made a mush­room decoc­tion to restore the fig­ure after child­birth, and for gen­er­al cleans­ing of the body they drank a decoc­tion of tin­der fun­gus.


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Nour­ish­ing skin masks were made from white mush­rooms and sour cream.

Don’t for­get the berries too. Our ances­tors called grapes “the berry of life”, and sea buck­thorn — “the berry of youth”.

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These fruits are lead­ing in the amount of antiox­i­dants and nutri­ents that pre­serve youth and beau­ty.


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Cran­ber­ry is also the strongest antiox­i­dant and at the same time fights against age-relat­ed changes in brain cells bet­ter than oth­ers. Today, cran­ber­ries are used to pro­duce med­i­cine for the pre­ven­tion and treat­ment of senile demen­tia.

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