Thyroid Help: Mushrooms and Beans

August 29, 2016, 7:22 p.m

Thy­roid dis­ease is not near­ly as harm­less as many peo­ple think. That is why it is so impor­tant to reg­u­lar­ly mon­i­tor the con­di­tion of this organ, and if you have been diag­nosed and pre­scribed treat­ment, you need to com­plete the entire course, with­out inter­rupt­ing it after the first signs of improve­ment, under the super­vi­sion of an endocri­nol­o­gist. But as an addi­tion­al ther­a­py, tra­di­tion­al med­i­cine recipes can be rec­om­mend­ed.
First of all, diet. You need to eat seafood, legumes, mush­rooms, egg yolks.


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Fresh fei­joa fruits or juice with pulp from them are tak­en as a ther­a­peu­tic food for thy­roid dis­eases reg­u­lar­ly and with­out restric­tion, or 50–100 g per day, prefer­ably before meals.


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To restore the func­tions of the thy­roid gland and reg­u­late metab­o­lism, it is effec­tive to use roy­al (bee) jel­ly in small dos­es. Fresh milk 20–30 mg (at the tip of a table knife) 3–4 times a day before meals, put under the tongue and hold until com­plete­ly dis­solved.
You can make a tinc­ture from milk: 1 part of milk is mixed with 20 parts of vod­ka, tak­en oral­ly 10–15 drops per 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of warm boiled water 3–4 times a day an hour before meals. Con­traindi­ca­tions may be acute infec­tious dis­eases, dis­eases of the adren­al glands and aller­gies to bee prod­ucts.


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A very pop­u­lar rem­e­dy for dis­eases of the thy­roid gland is blood-red hawthorn tinc­ture. It should be tak­en 20–40 drops per 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of warm boiled water 3–5 times a day, prefer­ably before meals.


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With an enlarged gland, it is rec­om­mend­ed to reg­u­lar­ly eat lemons or oranges, grat­ed with peel and mixed with sug­ar. Ther­a­peu­tic dose — 1 tea­spoon 3 times a day.


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Fresh wild straw­ber­ries can be eat­en in large quan­ti­ties as an antithy­roid agent.


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With the onset of goi­ter or obe­si­ty of the neck, brew 1 cup of boil­ing water 2 tbsp. spoons of oak bark, insist 1 hour and strain. Soak a hand­ker­chief in this infu­sion and tie around the throat overnight. These pro­ce­dures should be done for 2–3 weeks.
To pre­vent the appear­ance of goi­ter, you need to wear a thread of real yel­low amber around your neck.

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