10 signs you need to stop losing weight

The desire to lose weight has gained pan­dem­ic pro­por­tions. On the fin­gers, you can count women who have not tried to become slim­mer.

And yet, some­times los­ing weight — espe­cial­ly the wrong one — is asso­ci­at­ed with great health risks. Read the signs by which you can deter­mine that you should stop diet­ing.

10 signs you need to stop losing weight

1. Con­stant­ly hun­gry

You can’t lose weight by starv­ing.


The suck­ing feel­ing in the pit of the stom­ach is not just dis­com­fort. This is a sig­nal that your body is not get­ting the nutri­ents it needs. This means that it launch­es a “sur­vival” pro­gram: it inten­sive­ly stores fat and destroys mus­cles.

2. Is hap­pi­ness only for the thin?

Many of us are unable to enjoy life “until…”. It seems that now the cel­lulite will go away, a gap will appear between the legs and here it is, hap­pi­ness. The only trou­ble is that peo­ple who are prone to such a world­view nev­er expe­ri­ence plea­sure from life. To com­plete hap­pi­ness, some detail is miss­ing: thin legs, a lov­ing hus­band, her apart­ment …


Depres­sion because of your appear­ance is a sure sign that you will need the help of a psy­chol­o­gist to cor­rect your rela­tion­ship with your body.

3. Eat treats on the sly

Eat, and then promise your­self that you will resume the diet. This eat­ing behav­ior is a sign of the demo­niza­tion of cer­tain foods and increased anx­i­ety, com­bined with feel­ings of guilt.


4. Allowed and pro­hib­it­ed prod­ucts

Con­stant self-con­trol makes your desire to lose weight turn into an obses­sive syn­drome. If you have clear­ly for­bid­den your­self to eat cer­tain types of food, think about it: do you have a nor­mal rela­tion­ship with food?


5. Con­stant irri­tabil­i­ty

Mood swings and high irri­tabil­i­ty are signs of low blood sug­ar. And this hap­pens when you eat too lit­tle or too rarely.


6. Bye, men­stru­a­tion!

You can talk about amen­or­rhea only after 6 months with­out men­stru­a­tion. But even sim­ple delays that begin after your “weight loss” peri­od should alert you. Delays in men­stru­a­tion occur when the metab­o­lism is seri­ous­ly slowed down.


7. Com­plete­ly lost appetite

Inter­est­ing­ly, a com­plete lack of appetite is also a bad sign. This can hap­pen if you have cut your dai­ly calo­ries for too long (and too much) and you no longer per­ceive hunger sig­nals.


8. Work­out and diet are worse than tor­ture.

In fact, a diet is not fast­ing or giv­ing up snacks. It’s just a dietary adjust­ment to achieve your goals. A neg­a­tive atti­tude towards sports and a healthy diet is a sign of neu­ro­sis. As you under­stand, los­ing weight by run­ning with a step­per through force and turn­ing cakes into a bin with hatred will not work for a long time.


9. Exhaus­tion

Don’t even have the strength to get out of bed? Your body is not get­ting enough fuel. Increase the pro­por­tion of com­plex car­bo­hy­drates in your diet.


10. Diet inter­feres with life

It’s bad when food becomes the deter­min­ing fac­tor in your life. Have you stopped see­ing your friends because they like good food? Turn­ing down an invi­ta­tion to a par­ty because there’s piz­za? Do you frown at the guests at the fam­i­ly anniver­sary, who are crush­ing their fur coat, and chew­ing por­ridge from your tray? Stop your diet.


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