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In the sum­mer, many women face such a prob­lem as swelling of the legs. This is due to the fact that the air tem­per­a­ture becomes high and our body begins to work in a spe­cial mode. Should I pan­ic in this case?

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Many med­ical pro­fes­sion­als believe that swelling caused by the hot sea­son is a nat­ur­al and com­mon occur­rence.

Ede­ma of the low­er extrem­i­ties, which appeared pre­cise­ly from high air tem­per­a­ture, does not require the inter­ven­tion of doc­tors, and dis­ap­pears on its own.

But, nev­er­the­less, one should not ignore such a prob­lem as swelling of the legs. Its pres­ence indi­cates a vio­la­tion of water-salt metab­o­lism in the body, as well as dis­or­ders in blood cir­cu­la­tion. There are cas­es when there is more swelling on one leg than on the oth­er. This is due to prob­lems with the veins on the leg where the ede­ma has a larg­er vol­ume. This fea­ture of the body requires obser­va­tion and pre­ven­tive mea­sures. If the swelling does not go away after the mea­sures tak­en, such as: mas­sage, ther­a­peu­tic com­press­es, long rest, in this case, you should seek help from a spe­cial­ist. You may need to con­sult such spe­cial­ists as a nephrol­o­gist, car­di­ol­o­gist, urol­o­gist.

Sweat­ing always increas­es in hot weath­er., and togeth­er with sweat, the salts that the veins need leave the body. After all, it is salts that are able to “pull” blood out of the tis­sues, and there­fore, the lack of a suf­fi­cient amount of salts leads to swelling of the legs.

How to avoid edema?

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The fol­low­ing steps can be tak­en as a pre­ven­tive mea­sure:

  • It is advis­able at the end of each hot day to lie down for at least 15 min­utes with your legs up;
  • A con­trast show­er, which can be tak­en in the morn­ing and evening, also helps a lot. Con­trast­ing pro­ce­dures improve blood cir­cu­la­tion and hard­en blood ves­sels;
  • In the heat, you should com­plete­ly exclude salty, spicy, smoked foods from your diet. It increas­es thirst and does not allow flu­id to be excret­ed from the body in a time­ly man­ner;
  • It is nec­es­sary to estab­lish a drink­ing regime; drink at least three liters of water on a hot day; nat­ur­al juices, fruit drinks, com­potes are allowed. Exclud­ed drinks such as lemon­ade, soda. This will improve the elec­trolyte bal­ance in your body;
  • Pour­ing feet with cold water helps to get rid of ede­ma, as well as baths with sea salt. They are made every day. To do this, take a spoon­ful of sea salt per 4 liters of water. The pro­ce­dure is prefer­ably car­ried out with­in 30 min­utes.

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