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Famous actress Sharon Stone always looks stun­ning. She bold­ly posts her pho­tos with­out make­up on social net­works. She has­n’t cared about pub­lic opin­ion for a long time. And even in her nat­ur­al form, the actress radi­ates a spe­cial mag­net­ism: she is charm­ing, nat­ur­al and attrac­tive.

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The main char­ac­ter of the film “Basic Instinct” says that over the years she only becomes more beau­ti­ful, like aged wine. And it is true! At her age (for a moment: Sharon Stone is 58 years old), the actress looks amaz­ing and nev­er hides her age.

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The Hol­ly­wood star is often asked the ques­tion, how does she do it? Sharon Stone’s answer is sur­pris­ing­ly con­cise and sim­ple.

You need to adhere to the same rules in self-care all your life and not change your eat­ing habits.

Simple Rules

Sharon Stone calls the sup­port of health from the inside the most impor­tant thing in skin care. The star adheres to a strict diet. She has long exclud­ed sug­ar, bread, pas­ta, ketchup, chips, and sweets from her diet. The actress believes that these prod­ucts can not only affect the fig­ure, they also increase skin aging.

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The best foods, accord­ing to Sharon Stone, are oat­meal, chick­en, milk (low-fat), cheese and fish, nuts, fruits and veg­eta­bles. These prod­ucts, along with two liters of water, should be con­stant­ly in the diet. By the way, Sharon Stone, do not eat after sev­en. From drinks, the star prefers var­i­ous herbal teas that per­fect­ly cleanse the body, improve blood cir­cu­la­tion, and also help keep hair, skin and nails healthy.

The actress avoids fre­quent and intense work­outs.

There was a peri­od in Stone’s life when she was too keen on fit­ness and, in an effort to be slim, spent too much time in the gym, sup­ple­ment­ing this with run­ning and mar­tial arts. Such an over­load was not in vain for the health of the actress. After a stroke, doc­tors ordered celebri­ties to refrain from active sports. Now Stone is doing mod­er­ate­ly and under the super­vi­sion of a com­pe­tent train­er, pre­fer­ring Pilates and yoga. This allows her to stay slim and healthy. And the actress is sure that her favorite work and self-real­iza­tion are a guar­an­tee of youth and har­mo­ny. As the actress admits, she is lucky — she man­ages to com­bine all this, con­tin­u­ing to act in films and enjoy life!

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