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When to arrange fast­ing days, starve, how to eat right in June, learn from the lunar cal­en­dar.

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June 1, 26th lunar day (wan­ing moon)

On the 26th lunar day, refrain from meat and dairy prod­ucts, mush­rooms and seafood. Eat sim­ple, plant-based foods. A good day for those who prac­tice fast­ing or cleans­ing the body.

June 2, 27th lunar day (wan­ing moon)

On the 27th lunar day, you can eat lean, dietary meat. It is allowed to drink a glass of red wine, you should refrain from oth­er alco­hol. Today, add a lot of spices and sea­son­ings to your food. Car­damom, cloves, turmer­ic and pep­per will ben­e­fit the body. A light soup for lunch is an indis­pens­able dish of today.

June 3, 28th lunar day (wan­ing moon)

On this day, you can not overeat. Include more veg­eta­bles and fruits, herbs, nuts in your diet. Make all kinds of veg­etable sal­ads.

June 4, 29th lunar day (wan­ing moon)

It is worth giv­ing up meat and dairy prod­ucts. Build a diet based on veg­e­tar­i­an dish­es. Refrain from smok­ing and drink­ing alco­hol. Today there is a risk of poi­son­ing, so be care­ful what you eat. On this day, you can arrange a fast­ing day or starve.

June 5, 30th lunar day (wan­ing moon), 1st lunar day (new moon)

A great day for a light, plant-based meal. Elim­i­nate fat­ty, smoked, spicy. Lean on veg­eta­bles, fruits, healthy sweets.

June 6, 2nd lunar day (grow­ing moon)

The per­fect day to start a diet or weight loss pro­gram. This will give sim­ply fan­tas­tic results, as it coin­cides with nat­ur­al rhythms. On the 2nd lunar day, meat, alco­hol, nico­tine should be exclud­ed from the diet. You can drink some weak cof­fee. You can not overeat, oth­er­wise it can lead to poi­son­ing, salt deposits, bone pain, arthri­tis. Eat light, plant foods. As well as nuts and dried fruits.

June 7, 3rd lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today, eat meat dish­es with lots of spices. Give pref­er­ence to pork, lamb, poul­try.

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June 8, 4th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today it is worth mak­ing your diet main­ly from stewed veg­eta­bles and sal­ads. Food should be light but sat­is­fy­ing. There is a risk of poi­son­ing. Drink more teas from sooth­ing herbs, in par­tic­u­lar mint, lemon balm, chamomile.

June 9, 5th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today is the only day in the entire lunar month when what we eat is burned and con­vert­ed into tis­sue. There­fore, eat nat­ur­al and high-qual­i­ty food. Drink more water. Fast­ing and cleans­ing on this day are strict­ly con­traindi­cat­ed, as they can harm bone tis­sue.

June 10, 6th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today, dairy prod­ucts should be exclud­ed from your menu. Refrain from drink­ing beer, because the kid­neys are weak­ened dur­ing this peri­od. Food should be light, prefer­ably plant-based.

June 11, 7th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

On this lunar day, it is impor­tant for health to refuse to eat meat and dairy prod­ucts. Today, a strong flow of lunar ener­gy pass­es through the body, and coarse food can over­load the body. Eat more fruits, veg­eta­bles, drink herbal teas.

June 12, 8th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today, fast­ing or fast­ing day will bring ben­e­fits. The diet should con­sist of plant foods. Refrain from alco­hol and smok­ing.

June 13, 9th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

Today there is a risk of poi­son­ing. Refrain from overeat­ing, eat­ing mush­rooms, meat, exot­ic foods. Food should be sim­ple and nat­ur­al. Include cere­als and cere­als in the menu.

June 14, 10th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

It is not rec­om­mend­ed to overeat and drink alco­hol. Drink plen­ty of herbal teas, nat­ur­al juices. The pri­or­i­ty is veg­etable soups and stews.

June 15, 11th lunar day (grow­ing moon)

The opin­ions of astrologers are divid­ed. Due to the pow­er­ful ener­gy flow pass­ing through the human body, it makes sense both to starve and, con­verse­ly, to eat high-calo­rie food today. Lis­ten to your­self. And you can stick to the mid­dle path and eat light, nat­ur­al food, drink fresh juices.


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