Revision: check if you have chosen the right cosmetics for the summer

Cos­met­ic bag from sea­son to sea­son should be replen­ished with new prod­ucts. What should you pay atten­tion to in the sum­mer when choos­ing them?

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Sum­mer is the sea­son of the most thor­ough self-care. It is in the heat that it is nec­es­sary to seri­ous­ly approach cleans­ing, mois­tur­iz­ing and pro­tect­ing the skin. After all, the sun dehy­drates the skin, destroys elastin fibers, pro­vokes ear­ly aging and hyper­pig­men­ta­tion. But you should not refuse to apply cream or cre­ate make­up because of the heat and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see a “float­ed” image in the mir­ror. There are always those means that will save the sit­u­a­tion. And to meet autumn in the best way, replen­ish your sum­mer make­up bag with the fol­low­ing prod­ucts:

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Sun­screen. Even if you are not going to the sea­side, in the city, nev­er­the­less, apply a prod­uct with SPF to avoid burns, the appear­ance of ear­ly wrin­kles and age spots. In order not to over­load your face with sev­er­al prod­ucts, choose a uni­ver­sal prod­uct — day care or foun­da­tion with UV fil­ters (at least SPF 30).
Impor­tant: avoid using prod­ucts with retinol and vit­a­min C in sum­mer, which can con­tribute to the appear­ance of age spots.
Shelf life: throw away the liq­uid foun­da­tion six months after open­ing the tube: due to con­tact with fat on the skin (even if you apply it with a sponge, not your fin­gers), it will become “dan­ger­ous” for the skin and lead to rash­es and aller­gies. Sponge for its appli­ca­tion is mine every time after appli­ca­tion and change to a new one in a month, and my brush­es with soap once a week. Pow­der is more durable, but if its sur­face is glossy or shiny, send it to the trash as well. An open sun­screen does not dete­ri­o­rate, but los­es its abil­i­ty by the next sum­mer.


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Mois­tur­iz­er. Refus­ing to mois­tur­ize or nour­ish the skin in the sum­mer, being afraid of the appear­ance of a shiny shine on the skin, is not worth it. It is these tools that will help you main­tain its elas­tic­i­ty and firm­ness until autumn. Sim­ply switch from heavy tex­ture creams to lighter ver­sions of gel creams or serums, and use mat­ti­fy­ing wipes through­out the day.
Impor­tant: pay atten­tion to the pres­ence of hyaluron­ic acid and a pep­tide com­plex in their com­po­si­tion, which at the cel­lu­lar lev­el will launch the mech­a­nisms of skin regen­er­a­tion and hydra­tion. Also drink at least 1.5–2 liters of water a day to stay hydrat­ed.
Shelf life: face creams are con­sid­ered fresh for 3–6 months if the jars are not left open for a long time. Serums in sealed pack­ages with a dis­penser are suit­able for 3 years.

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Ther­mal water — an indis­pens­able tool in the sum­mer for a feel­ing of fresh­ness, as well as for addi­tion­al skin hydra­tion.
Impor­tant: do not spray it out­doors on a sun­ny day. In each, even such a tiny drop, the sun’s rays are focused, so that burns and pig­men­ta­tion are pro­vid­ed. And the evap­o­ra­tion of water from the sur­face of the face leads to dry­ing and dehy­dra­tion of the skin.
Shelf life: 3 years (even after open­ing).


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Water­proof mas­cara saves from the “pan­da effect” in the heat. For the same rea­son, choose water­proof eye­lin­ers and lip­sticks. But nev­er­the­less, do not for­get to fix the make­up with a spe­cial spray.
Shelf life: warm, humid envi­ron­ments encour­age growth of germs and mold, so change your mas­cara every two months, and don’t store it until next sum­mer. Throw away lip­stick if mois­ture drops appear on its sur­face, it begins to break or smells unpleas­ant. Con­tour pen­cils are more durable, but it is advis­able not to let any­one use them: they are as indi­vid­ual as a tooth­brush.

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Micel­lar water It is nec­es­sary for a thor­ough cleans­ing of the face from urban dust and to pre­vent the appear­ance of oily sheen on the face. It con­tains micelles that act like mag­nets, trap­ping make-up, impu­ri­ties and sebum par­ti­cles, keep­ing them inside every drop of prod­uct. In sum­mer, cleanse the skin at least twice a day (morn­ing and evening).
Impor­tant: pay atten­tion to the two-phase struc­ture — its oil base will eas­i­ly dis­solve water­proof make­up, plus it will soft­en and soothe the skin.
Shelf life: skin cleansers retain their prop­er­ties for up to 2 years: they con­tain sub­stances that coun­ter­act the for­ma­tion of bac­te­ria.


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And, by the way, do not for­get to wear a hat and glass­es in the sum­mer: we tend to squint in the sun, which leads to the for­ma­tion of “crow’s feet”, as well as wrin­kles on the fore­head and between the eye­brows.

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