TOP 5 folk remedies for insect bites

In the sum­mer, going to nature, many take with them pro­tec­tion against insect bites. But what to do if, think­ing about the upcom­ing vaca­tion, you for­got to take the nec­es­sary cream or while relax­ing out­side the city, there is no way to use a tra­di­tion­al repel­lent?

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The main thing is not to pan­ic. It’s time to look at nature. Per­haps a birch, elder or toma­to grows near­by. Yes, even ordi­nary toma­to leaves from their own beds can cor­rect the sit­u­a­tion and repel the “attack” of insects. It turns out that the smell of toma­to leaves, like fresh elder­ber­ry leaves, repel mos­qui­toes. All you need to do is put the plucked shoots in the room.

You can also rub the exposed skin with fine­ly chopped leaves. bird cher­ry or rowan.

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Sprigs of laven­der, as well as essen­tial oils cloves, basil, anise, euca­lyp­tus - the best assis­tants in the fight against annoy­ing mos­qui­toes. For this it costsdilute 5 drops of oil in a glass of water and lubri­cate exposed skin. Also myou can put a few drops of essen­tial oil on the fire source — in a fire­place, a fire, on a can­dle or a heat­ed fry­ing pan.

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Per­haps dur­ing the rest you will have to look into the first aid kit. A few drops of valer­ian evap­o­rat­ed over a burn­er will get rid of flies and mos­qui­toes even in very large rooms.

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If you and your com­pa­ny decid­ed to sit in nature, throw sprigs of juniper or laven­der into the fire. Also smell of cedar oil repels not only mos­qui­toes, but also flies and cock­roach­es.


Not a sin­gle insect will touch your face if you wash your­self with a decoc­tion of worm­wood roots. A hand­ful of chopped roots should be poured with 1.5 liters of water, brought to a boil and insist­ed for 20–30 min­utes.


If the liq­uid for the elec­tric fumi­ga­tor has run out, do not imme­di­ate­ly run to the store for a replace­ment unit. If you pour 100% extract (!) of euca­lyp­tus into an emp­ty bot­tle, mos­qui­toes will def­i­nite­ly for­get the way to the room where such a fra­grance was sprayed.

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Insect bites: how to pro­tect your­self and what to do

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