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Immu­ni­ty is the most reli­able defend­er of our health. Peo­ple who have it strong prac­ti­cal­ly do not suc­cumb to dis­ease, and if they do get sick, they recov­er quick­ly and with­out seri­ous com­pli­ca­tions. Antiox­i­dants are excel­lent immune sys­tem boost­ers. Eat­ing foods rich in these ben­e­fi­cial sub­stances is a great way to resist colds and sore throats.

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What are antioxidants?

Our body is con­stant­ly on the “front line”. On the one hand, it is attacked by free rad­i­cals — aggres­sive mol­e­cules that trig­ger an irre­versible process of destruc­tion of cell tis­sue. On the oth­er hand, free rad­i­cals are opposed by an army of “defend­ers”: antiox­i­dant mol­e­cules. They neu­tral­ize the action of free rad­i­cals, pre­vent­ing them from being oxi­dized, there­by pro­tect­ing the cells of the body. The con­clu­sion is sim­ple: the more antiox­i­dants, the high­er the degree of pro­tec­tion.

Sources of Antioxidants

Beta-carotene, vit­a­min C and vit­a­min E are the three main antiox­i­dants

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They are found in bright­ly col­ored fruits and veg­eta­bles, espe­cial­ly those that are pur­ple, blue, red, orange, and yel­low. To get the most ben­e­fit, these foods should be con­sumed raw or steamed.

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Beta-carotene and oth­er carotenoids: apri­cots, aspara­gus, beets, broc­coli, can­taloupe, car­rots, corn, green pep­pers, cab­bage, man­goes, turnips and kale, nec­tarines, peach­es, pink grape­fruit, pump­kin, zuc­chi­ni, spinach, sweet pota­toes, tan­ger­ines , toma­toes and water­mel­on.

Vit­a­min C: Berries, broc­coli, Brus­sels sprouts, can­taloupe, cau­li­flower, grape­fruit, nut­meg mel­on, cab­bage, kiwifruit, man­goes, nec­tarines, oranges, papaya, red, green, or yel­low pep­pers, green peas, sweet pota­toes, straw­ber­ries, and toma­toes.

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Vit­a­min E: Broc­coli, car­rots, chard, mus­tard, turnips, leafy greens, man­goes, nuts, papaya, pump­kin, red pep­pers, spinach, and sun­flower seeds.



Oth­er immune-boost­ing antiox­i­dants include zinc (found in oys­ters, red meat, poul­try, beans, nuts, seafood, whole grains, for­ti­fied grains, and dairy prod­ucts) and sele­ni­um (found in brazil nuts, tuna, beef, poul­try, and for­ti­fied breads). , as well as in oth­er grain prod­ucts).

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