Dandelion face masks

March 14, 2016, 7:12 p.m

For cos­met­ic pur­pos­es, every­thing can be used in a dan­de­lion: leaves, flow­ers, stems, roots. And both dry and fresh.
The vit­a­mins and microele­ments con­tained in the solar plant allow you to eas­i­ly pre­pare a vari­ety of ther­a­peu­tic lotions, masks and infu­sions at home.


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Vit­a­min mask: to 1 tbsp. spoon of warm milk, add 1 tea­spoon of crushed dan­de­lion leaves, leave for 10–15 min­utes, then add 1 tea­spoon of egg yolk. Mix every­thing and apply on clean skin for 15–20 min­utes. Wash off with warm water.

dandelion mask

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To soft­en rough skin and mois­tur­ize the face: 1 tbsp. mix a spoon­ful of dan­de­lion flow­ers with 1 tea­spoon of hon­ey and 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of boiled oat­meal. Then apply this cos­met­ic prod­uct on the face, neck, décol­leté and keep for 15–20 min­utes. Then rinse with water with­out soap — the skin will quick­ly become elas­tic.

To tone the face, peel a medi­um-sized dan­de­lion root. Fine­ly chop and pour 1 cup boil­ing water over. Sim­mer over low heat for 5 min­utes, then cool and strain. Dilute the decoc­tion with water 1:2 and add 100 g of vod­ka. Get effec­tive cos­met­ics for the face, which has a ton­ic and firm­ing effect on the skin.

mask for the face

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Face mask for aging skin: mash fresh dan­de­lion leaves in a mor­tar. Add a lit­tle boiled water to this gru­el and mix with an equal amount of hon­ey. In the evening, apply on face for 10–15 min­utes. Before apply­ing the mask, lubri­cate the skin of the face with olive or corn oil.

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