Dry Eye Syndrome: TOP 5 Ways to Help Yourself

April 01, 2016, 10:23

Long time spent at the com­put­er affects not only visu­al acu­ity. Fatigue and dry eyes can also cause dis­com­fort. How to under­stand that dis­com­fort, a feel­ing of sand, as well as the “pres­ence of a for­eign body” in the eye are dry eye syn­drome? One symp­tom that indi­cates a prob­lem is exces­sive tear­ing. After “spon­ta­neous” tears comes a feel­ing of dry­ness. In addi­tion, in rooms where air con­di­tion­ers are often turned on, a burn­ing sen­sa­tion and pain in the eyes is quite com­mon. A few rules will help to cope with such unpleas­ant sen­sa­tions.

First of all, accord­ing to experts, with this dis­ease, patients com­plain about the imag­i­nary pres­ence of a for­eign body or sand in the eye, which is always accom­pa­nied by very pro­fuse tear­ing. This is fol­lowed by an uncom­fort­able feel­ing of dry­ness. More­over, in strong winds or in air-con­di­tioned rooms, patients suf­fer from a burn­ing sen­sa­tion and pain in the eyes. Seri­ous fluc­tu­a­tions in visu­al acu­ity are also observed (by the evening it decreas­es some­what, even pho­to­pho­bia appears). — Read more on FB.ru: http://fb.ru/article/105724/kak-izbavitsya-ot-sindroma-suhogo-glaza

Every­thing’s under con­trol

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An annu­al vis­it to the oph­thal­mol­o­gist is the eas­i­est way to save your eye­sight. A vis­it to the doc­tor will help to iden­ti­fy vio­la­tions, if any, in the ear­ly stages. In par­tic­u­lar, the study of the con­di­tion of the fun­dus makes it pos­si­ble to diag­nose not only dry eye syn­drome, but the onset of dis­eases such as dia­betes, hyper­ten­sion, tumors, osteo­chon­dro­sis, and many oth­ers.

Reg­u­lar breaks

Work­ing at a com­put­er is a neces­si­ty for many of us. If you can’t avoid a long stay at the mon­i­tor, you should make it a rule to rest every half hour. It is use­ful to turn away from the mon­i­tor, look out the win­dow, chat with employ­ees, breathe fresh air. A change of scenery and new expe­ri­ences help to reboot per­fect­ly. If you ignore such sim­ple rules, in the evening there may be a tem­po­rary dete­ri­o­ra­tion in vision.

Prop­er nutri­tion

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Dry eye syn­drome can also devel­op with beriberi, as well as with an unbal­anced diet and strict diets. Amer­i­can sci­en­tists came to this con­clu­sion after exam­in­ing 37,000 women. You can increase the chances of main­tain­ing vision by 20% if you include foods rich in omega‑3 fat­ty acids, fish, as well as nuts, spinach, pump­kin, broc­coli, kiwi, grapes, and oranges in your diet. It is impor­tant to remem­ber the ben­e­fits of blue­ber­ries, this berry is a cham­pi­on in a set of impor­tant trace ele­ments for the eyes.

Trust pro­fes­sion­als

Also, do not for­get that incor­rect­ly select­ed glass­es can become a source of prob­lems. Peri­od­i­cal­ly, it is nec­es­sary to select the strength of the lens­es from a doc­tor or an optometrist.

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Mois­tur­ize but don’t overuse

When the reti­na dries out, the ves­sels on its sur­face dilate. At this time, many expe­ri­ence dis­com­fort, such as red­ness of the eyes, a burn­ing sen­sa­tion. Drops cause blood ves­sels to con­strict, although they often do not soothe or relax the eyes. When the effect of such eye drops wears off, the ves­sels dilate even more. Using such drops sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, the eyes get used to the drug. Experts advise, instead of drops that con­strict blood ves­sels, use mois­tur­iz­ers. Such drops usu­al­ly have no con­traindi­ca­tions.


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