How to choose safety sunglasses?

April 05, 2016, 08:51

Spring has come, the sun is get­ting hot­ter and hot­ter every day. It’s time to think about pro­tect­ing your eyes from UV rays. Which lens­es to choose: plas­tic or glass, dark or light? Many give in to the first impulse and choose sun­glass­es, eval­u­at­ing the acces­so­ry only exter­nal­ly. Is this true?

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Plastic or glass?

It turns out that glass­es with tint­ed lens­es do not always indi­cate pro­tec­tion from exter­nal fac­tors. First of all, this applies to plas­tic lens­es. Any plas­tic pass­es up to 100 per­cent of ultra­vi­o­let, even being black! Anoth­er nuance, the dark­er the glass, the more dan­ger­ous it is for health. In bright light, the pupil of the eye nar­rows to reduce the risk zone of a poten­tial mucos­al burn. This is how our body works and this is a nat­ur­al defense against exter­nal influ­ences. And in cheap dark glass­es with­out ultra­vi­o­let fil­ters, the pupil remains “deceived”. It does not nar­row, tak­ing on the full sun­stroke.

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Anoth­er draw­back: plas­tic lens­es scratch eas­i­ly. Car­ry­ing them in a purse with­out a case is very, very imprac­ti­cal. In addi­tion, plas­tic can warp in extreme heat.

Color matters

It would seem that glass has more advan­tages. Indeed, unlike plas­tic, glass does not trans­mit ultra­vi­o­let radi­a­tion, even if the lens­es them­selves are trans­par­ent. You can safe­ly choose glass­es with min­i­mal shad­ing and be calm about the health of your eyes. It will get warmer very soon and many will begin to get out on pic­nics, clos­er to the reser­voirs. Glass­es with polar­ized lens­es in addi­tion to ultra­vi­o­let will neu­tral­ize glare on the water. Their col­or should be dark green or gray. In size, the most cor­rect glass­es with large glass­es that make a per­son look like a drag­on­fly or a ski­er. Such mod­els pro­tect not only the eyes, but also the skin of the face, on which “crow’s feet” form from ultra­vi­o­let radi­a­tion. Anoth­er advan­tage of glass sun­glass­es is that glass lens­es are less prone to scratch­es.

It turns out that even cloudy weath­er is not a rea­son to refuse to wear sun­glass­es. Experts say that a suf­fi­cient amount of UV rays that are harm­ful to the eyes pass through the clouds.


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