How to eat if you have a sore throat

April 08, 2016, 12:26

When your throat hurts, you don’t want to eat at all. It is worth lis­ten­ing to your body. By wors­en­ing his appetite, he sig­nals that he direct­ed all his resources to fight­ing the infec­tion and there was prac­ti­cal­ly no strength left for the diges­tive process.

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Nutrition for angina

Does this mean that you should com­plete­ly give up food? Of course not. You just need to fol­low a few rules in nutri­tion so as not to irri­tate the mucous mem­brane of the throat and not bur­den the liv­er.

  • All dish­es should be light, soft, warm.
  • Exclude from the diet fat­ty, spicy, spicy.
  • The basis of the diet should be nutri­tious cere­als, soft fruits, veg­eta­bles.
  • Do not get car­ried away with pro­tein foods.
  • Eat small meals, but often.

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Many doc­tors with angi­na rec­om­mend adher­ing to dietary table num­ber 13. It is indi­cat­ed for infec­tious dis­eases, includ­ing acute ton­sil­li­tis. This diet involves lim­it­ing pro­tein foods, fats, a slight decrease in the amount of car­bo­hy­drate foods, and an increase in the amount of veg­eta­bles in the diet. It is also rec­om­mend­ed to increase the amount of flu­id to drink through a vari­ety of for­ti­fied drinks. The dish­es them­selves should be in a soft wiped or chopped form, prefer­ably a semi-liq­uid state. The main cook­ing method is boil­ing in water or steam­ing. The fre­quen­cy of meals should be from 6 times a day, the more often, the bet­ter, but por­tions of dish­es are made small.

Remem­ber! The suc­cess of effec­tive treat­ment of a sore throat is in the right prepa­ra­tion. Pay atten­tion to Ton­silotren — a nat­ur­al Ger­man drug that, thanks to a com­bi­na­tion of five com­po­nents, relieves inflam­ma­tion and stim­u­lates the body’s own defense mech­a­nisms in viral and bac­te­r­i­al infec­tions of the phar­ynx at dif­fer­ent stages of inflam­ma­tion. Ton­silotren relieves inflam­ma­tion in the throat, restores the pro­tec­tive func­tion of the ton­sils, and reduces their vol­ume. With angi­na, Ton­silotren helps to cleanse the lacu­nae of the ton­sils from traf­fic jams, relieves swelling and inflam­ma­tion of the lymph nodes. It is also impor­tant that in addi­tion to the treat­ment of throat dis­eases, the drug con­tributes to the nor­mal­iza­tion of the immu­ni­ty of the whole organ­ism as a whole and pre­vents recur­rent dis­eases. The effec­tive­ness and good tol­er­a­bil­i­ty of Ton­silotren have been con­firmed by numer­ous clin­i­cal stud­ies.



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