How to improve your mood with diet

March 24, 2016, 8:06 p.m

You can over­come depres­sion, cope with a spring break­down, tune in to pos­i­tive and cheer up with the help of prop­er nutri­tion. There is a mood boost­er diet!

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It’s won­der­ful when spring has come accord­ing to the cal­en­dar. But usu­al­ly win­ter is reluc­tant to hand over its rights to the new sea­son. This pro­tract­ed onset of spring can dis­cour­age even the biggest opti­mists. It is dur­ing this peri­od that experts advise resort­ing to … a mood-lift­ing diet, the dura­tion of which is from three to sev­en days.

How does the mood diet work?

To main­tain an excel­lent state of mind and get rid of depres­sion, such a diet includes foods that con­tribute to the pro­duc­tion of the hor­mone of plea­sure (sero­tonin), con­tain vit­a­mins of group B, E and anti­de­pres­sant sub­stances (folic acid, sele­ni­um, tryp­to­phan).
Impor­tant: reduce the con­sump­tion of processed foods and fast food — such foods are too high in sat­u­rat­ed fat and sug­ar.

What to eat to lift your spirits

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Main­tain­ing emo­tion­al bal­ance (espe­cial­ly in spring) helps use­ful sub­stances that are part of such prod­ucts: ✓ Fish: tuna, trout, mack­er­el, sar­dine.
✓ Veg­eta­bles: car­rots, green onions, peas, cel­ery, aspara­gus.
✓ Fruits: bananas, cit­rus fruits, kiwi.
✓ Berries: black cur­rant, cran­ber­ry.
✓ Legumes: beans, lentils.
✓ Sea­son­ings: rose­mary, tar­ragon, basil.
✓ Herbal infu­sions: St. John’s wort, mint, oregano.
Oth­er: fresh milk, cheese, dairy prod­ucts, eggs, wheat bran, nuts, dark choco­late.

Sample menu for the day

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First break­fast: soft-boiled egg, bread with cheese and pars­ley, sweet tea with choco­late (30 g).
After­noon snack: a cup of mint tea with black­cur­rant jam.
Lunch: Fruit sal­ad (kiwi, tan­ger­ine) with yogurt, sprin­kled with grat­ed nuts.
Din­ner: stewed turkey in sour cream with veg­eta­bles, sal­ad (cucum­bers, toma­toes, cheese, olive oil), bananas with whipped cream.
Din­ner: Fish baked with cheese, sal­ad (beans, aspara­gus), hot choco­late.
For the night: a cup of herbal infu­sion (St. John’s wort).

As you can see, if you stick to this sim­ple and afford­able diet, then get­ting rid of depres­sion and rais­ing your spir­its in the spring will not be dif­fi­cult.

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