How to quickly lose weight by 5 kilograms: advice from Igor Obukhovsky

April 07, 2016, 10:27

Do you want to get rid of extra pounds, but are afraid of gru­el­ing work­outs in the gym? Igor Obukhovsky, an expert of the TV mag­a­zine “Every­thing will be kind” on the STB chan­nel, will tell you how to quick­ly get rid of 5 kilo­grams of excess weight in just two weeks on the air of the TV show “Every­thing will be kind” on STB.

The hero­ine of the tele­cast is Mari­na Kiriko­va, a par­tic­i­pant in the TV project “Ukrain­ian Super­mod­el”. The girl was forced to leave the project due to excess weight and was very upset. The brunet­te’s career is now in jeop­ardy and she is ready to do every­thing to make the hat­ed kilo­grams dis­ap­pear faster.

How to get rid of wrin­kles at the waist in two weeks? (Video)

Mari­na turned to Igor Obukhovsky for help, so that the coach would devel­op a spe­cial light­weight ver­sion of the exer­cis­es for the girl.

Obukhovsky assured the audi­ence that after two weeks of doing a set of exer­cis­es, you can lose 5 kilo­grams! Don’t believe? See for your­self in the next video!

How to quickly lose weight by 5 kilograms (Video)


Exer­cis­es for cor­rect­ing pos­ture and with sco­l­io­sis of the spine. Video

Exer­cis­es for osteo­chon­dro­sis of the cer­vi­cal spine. Video

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