“If you are offered to go on a diet — refuse!”

Singer Lilu, recent­ly the cura­tor of the detox, express weight loss and body cleans­ing project, gave an exclu­sive inter­view to liza.uain which she spoke in detail about what you need to pay atten­tion to in order to make your lifestyle real­ly healthy.

Singer Lilu has been friends with sports since childhood

Singer Lilu has been friends with sports since child­hood

Lilu, share a secret: what harm­ful foods do you exclude in order to have a slim fig­ure?
I have long elim­i­nat­ed sug­ar from my diet, because I con­sid­er it one of the most harm­ful foods. I also do not eat pork, may­on­naise, white bread and muffins. I do not fry food — I cook them in a slow cook­er or bake them. I nev­er real­ly drink car­bon­at­ed drinks. You can remem­ber a lot more, because there are a lot of harm­ful prod­ucts with dyes, preser­v­a­tives — chips and so on.
How many times a week do you vis­it the gym?
I have been involved in sports since child­hood. I clear­ly under­stand that in order to main­tain a fig­ure and an attrac­tive appear­ance for a long time, you need to work hard. It is not enough just prop­er nutri­tion, long sleep — you need to lit­er­al­ly “plow”. A lit­tle secret from me: if you want to not get bored with sports, change the types of loads: car­dio, try danc­ing, try pole-dance, swim­ming. The main thing is that you should not be bored and have a desire to go to the gym. I usu­al­ly vis­it him three or four times a week. It can be active loads, or maybe a pool.
What foods or exer­cis­es do you feel bet­ter after eat­ing?
I feel good when I don’t eat at night. When por­tions are small — up to 300 grams, because there is no feel­ing of overeat­ing and heav­i­ness in the body. I love light food — veg­etable sal­ads, baked fish. There are a lot of such dish­es that you can eat even at night, 40 min­utes before bed­time. For exam­ple, a baked apple fills the stom­ach and does not cause heav­i­ness. I feel good after fresh juices and smooth­ies: they can replace one of the meals. Of the exer­cis­es, I love active fit­ness the most: it invig­o­rates me and cheers me up.
How do you feel about detox diets?
I don’t like the word “diet” at all. If you are offered to go on a diet — refuse! Any diet is not good for our body, it is stress for it. But most impor­tant­ly, after any diet, if you do not fol­low the cor­rect way out of it, then you get bet­ter and very quick­ly gain weight. I would rec­om­mend a healthy diet. How I feel about detox: Detox is a series of actions aimed at cleans­ing and reboot­ing the body. You can not reboot the body exclu­sive­ly with juices. I don’t believe in juice ther­a­py. By the way, one of the well-known hotels in Bukov­el has already invit­ed me to become an expert and cura­tor of one of the detox tours for clean­ing and reboot­ing the body “Hol­i­days for the body”.
Do you find them use­ful and effec­tive?
I will tell you about how use­ful they are dur­ing my mas­ter class. After all, this is a whole range of pro­ce­dures, spe­cial­ly designed by nutri­tion­ists for light meals, prop­er phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, spa treat­ments, herbal teas, mas­ter class­es, var­i­ous detox cock­tails and smooth­ies. We will also tell you how to build your exer­cise sched­ule and adjust your diet. Any­one who wants to know more about this, please join us. The main thing is not to come home after the detox tour and start eat­ing fried pota­toes: then the result will last for a long time.


How does the morn­ing start and how does the day end?
I wake up for a long time. Get up and run — it’s not for me. I slow­ly drink my three cups of nat­ur­al cof­fee with gin­ger and cin­na­mon. I answer emails, read the news, then take a show­er and have break­fast. By the way, break­fast should be quite dense, as this is an attribute of prop­er nutri­tion. Every­one should lis­ten to them­selves, but you must start all meta­bol­ic process­es. Why do I drink cof­fee with cin­na­mon and gin­ger? Once, well-known Kyiv nutri­tion­ists told me that if I can’t give up cof­fee at all, do it at least this way, because milk does not irri­tate the walls of the stom­ach, makes cof­fee, so to speak, safer. And cin­na­mon and gin­ger improve meta­bol­ic process­es. After cof­fee, be sure to drink a glass of water with lemon. I’ve been drink­ing this every morn­ing right after wak­ing up for years. This is impor­tant for speed­ing up meta­bol­ic process­es. If there is stag­na­tion, you gain flu­id and the so-called cel­lulite appears. If your body works like clock­work, every­thing will be great! My day ends pro­saical­ly: I like to take a bath. And if there is absolute­ly no strength — a show­er. I drink herbal or gin­ger tea, sum­ma­rize the day, plan the next day, go to social net­works and then fall asleep.
What do you do if some­times lazi­ness over­comes and you don’t want to play sports?
I am a nor­mal per­son just like every­one else. There are peri­ods when I can’t get out of bed – then I agree with myself. It depends on what you stim­u­late and moti­vate your­self with — a beau­ti­ful appear­ance on the beach, buy­ing a thing a size small­er. Every­one has their own moti­va­tion! If that does­n’t work, go naked to a mir­ror and look at your­self. Often after this, every girl will under­stand every­thing cor­rect­ly, col­lect a sports bag and go to the gym.
How do you feel about group sports?
It’s great, although I work indi­vid­u­al­ly with a train­er, but some­times I attend group class­es. There is an incen­tive in the group — a com­mon idea. All those who stand on the site are striv­ing for some­thing togeth­er, this com­mon ener­gy ener­gizes, and this has its own charm.
Have you ever played sports with your fam­i­ly?
Now my son and I go to the pool twice a week. While he is work­ing out with a train­er, I work out in the gym or on the tread­mill. Then we swim togeth­er, then vis­it the Roman bath and ham­mam, where we love to sing songs.
Where is the best place to play sports? Is it nec­es­sary to do this with a train­er?
It does­n’t mat­ter where it hap­pens. You can do this at home — 30–40 min­utes a day is enough to work out the mus­cles. On my pages in social net­works, I often write about the com­plex­es, which con­sist of five exer­cis­es and which bring incred­i­ble ben­e­fits. You can go in for sports in the park — sat­is­fy oxy­gen star­va­tion and go in for sports. Many com­plain that there is no mon­ey for the gym. What prob­lems? Study at home, if you wish. You can find my author’s pro­gram “Aes­thet­ic gym­nas­tics with Lilu” on YouTube. This is a set of effec­tive exer­cis­es designed for women of all ages to work out all mus­cle groups. Charg­ing for 60 min­utes, and in 30 days you will already feel the dif­fer­ence and see the result!
Not so long ago, your radio project start­ed on Europa Plus. What are your impres­sions after the first broad­casts?
This show comes out every Thurs­day from 17 to 19. This is such a kind of digres­sion in time. We dive into a spe­cif­ic time peri­od and dis­cuss all aspects relat­ed to this decade. For exam­ple, achieve­ments, cui­sine, sports, music. We car­ry out an asso­cia­tive series with the life of a star that comes to the stu­dio. The con­ver­sa­tion turns out to be real­ly infor­ma­tive, not with­out humor.
Do the stars pre­pare in advance to cov­er hits in Show for You?
The main fea­ture of this show is that our star is prepar­ing for a per­for­mance and we are lis­ten­ing live to a live per­for­mance of a cov­er of the hit of the time being dis­cussed. The first guest was Vasi­ly Bon­darchuk, he pre­pared well and we got a lot of nice feed­back. I am sure that our future releas­es will appeal to our radio lis­ten­ers.

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