Influence of the Moon: Women’s Practices

A woman has a pow­er that she prob­a­bly does­n’t even think about. In order to ful­ly cog­nize and reveal your capa­bil­i­ties, you should take into account the uni­ver­sal laws of the struc­ture and devel­op­ment of the uni­verse.

Moon phases

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It has long been known that every­thing around, includ­ing humans, is not just phys­i­cal bod­ies, but clumps of ener­gy invis­i­ble to the eye. Accord­ing to the ancient East­ern tra­di­tion, the ener­gy that per­me­ates the entire Uni­verse has two types — the female “Yin” and the male “Yang”. Their inter­ac­tion with each oth­er cre­ates life.
The Moon and the Sun sym­bol­ize the orig­i­nal great dual­i­ty of the fem­i­nine and mas­cu­line prin­ci­ples, Moth­er and Father. It is the Moon that gov­erns every­thing that has the nature of Yin — water, earth and of course a woman.

Peo­ple have always turned to the night patroness for sup­port and strength.
How­ev­er, in the dai­ly bus­tle of mod­ern life, con­nec­tion with the cos­mic force is lost and as a result, chron­ic fatigue, exhaus­tion, indif­fer­ence, dis­be­lief in one­self, fears, inabil­i­ty to cope with dif­fi­cul­ties. The ener­gy reserve giv­en to a girl at birth dries up and, unfor­tu­nate­ly, few places teach how to replen­ish it.
By pay­ing atten­tion to the sacred female knowl­edge that lunar prac­tices offer, you will sig­nif­i­cant­ly enrich and improve your life.
The nat­ur­al rhythms of the moon are very wise, and by fol­low­ing them, you increase your fem­i­nine pow­er and your sphere of influ­ence. Going through the cycle of your own devel­op­ment, use the tips of the lunar cal­en­dar.

New moon
This is a peri­od of renew­al and renew­al. You can notice how a roman­tic, an ide­al­ist wakes up in you. Dream bold­ly, lay­ing the foun­da­tion for fur­ther achieve­ments.


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Set your pri­or­i­ties and plan accord­ing­ly.

Full moon

It’s time to act. Enjoy the beau­ty of the bright moon.

full moon

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Have a full moon cer­e­mo­ny with your own dance. Turn on the music you like and move as your body tells you to. You release ener­gy and attract the events and peo­ple you need. Stand straight, feet shoul­der-width apart, arms out to the sides, fac­ing the moon. Feel your absolute open­ness to the flow of moon­light and the exchange of ener­gies, every cell of the body is filled with health and strength. It is use­ful to bathe under the moon or to infuse a bowl of water and wash with it. The main thing is to express grat­i­tude to the night lumi­nary. The ener­gy of inten­tion that you give to the world will mul­ti­ply and boomerang back, so radi­ate what you want to receive in return.

Wax­ing Cres­cent
Accu­mu­late strength for the fur­ther imple­men­ta­tion of projects through med­i­ta­tion.


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Sit in silence and relax. Breathe deeply and slow­ly. Hav­ing tak­en a com­fort­able posi­tion, recre­ate the image that you are a large ver­ti­cal pipe and a stream of small drops flows from above, calm­ly and even­ly fill­ing the body. Togeth­er with the gift received, men­tal­ly ask the Moon for what you want to increase — finances, sup­port, joy, etc. The Uni­verse law works — where atten­tion is direct­ed, ener­gy flows there. With your inner eye, see and feel the light that falls on the crown, shoul­ders, arms and scat­ters through­out the body, leav­ing a sil­very glow that empha­sizes your beau­ty. The glow envelops you, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to feel one­ness with this calm and peace­ful force. Soak up the moon­light for as long as the soul requires. It is impor­tant not only to be able to accu­mu­late, col­lect ener­gy, but also to cor­rect­ly dis­trib­ute it. The time spent with the Moon is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet with the inner teacher — your own soul, which knows what and how best to do. If your prac­tices become reg­u­lar, the con­nec­tion will become stronger and deep­er.

Wan­ing moon
Use for debrief­ing. Clear the out­er and inner space, com­plete what has out­lived its use­ful­ness and turned out to be unnec­es­sary — deeds, rela­tion­ships, thoughts. Learn to say good­bye to peo­ple who take away your ener­gy and let go of unful­filled expec­ta­tions in order to eas­i­ly begin a new cycle of fill­ing and renew­al. After all, as long as we hold on to the old, there is sim­ply no place for the new. Look­ing at the “aging” Moon, sing a song, it can be any words, sounds that are born inside you.


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Slow­ly lin­ger­ing­ly, with a lit­tle sad­ness, give away your pain and accept the sup­port of the moon­light. With each lunar prac­tice, your intu­ition, under­stand­ing and trust in your nature will open more and more.

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