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03 March 2016, 15:01

Proper nutrition + correct thoughts = slim figure!

Prop­er nutri­tion + cor­rect thoughts = slim fig­ure!

Psy­chol­o­gists have dis­cov­ered many ways to help keep weight under con­trol. Let’s take advan­tage of these tricks!

1. Don’t wear bulky clothes

If you want to be a boss, dress like a boss. If you want to be slim like a super­mod­el, dress in their “uni­form”: skin­ny jeans and soft-fit­ting sweaters and shirts. Clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist Kathy Rykiel explains that dress­ing for your goals is a good reminder of them. Clear­ly see­ing the con­tours of your body in the mir­ror, you will sub­con­scious­ly begin to care more about the fig­ure.

2. Put any food on a plate

A beautifully set table suggests a leisurely meal with pleasure.  And the feeling of fullness will come faster!

A beau­ti­ful­ly set table sug­gests a leisure­ly meal with plea­sure. And the feel­ing of full­ness will come faster!

Fear has big eyes — most peo­ple, see­ing on a plate how much food they are going to swal­low, save some for the next time. The size of the pack­age for nuts is dif­fi­cult to under­stand how many extra calo­ries you will send to the fat depot, and the serv­ing of food in a dis­pos­able con­tain­er looks small­er than it real­ly is. So set the table!

3. Watch less ads

She moves the trade and … you towards the kitchen! Watch­ing mouth-water­ing com­mer­cials encour­ages us to eat more junk food and snack more often. When we sali­vate at the sight of a juicy ham­burg­er, we’re more like­ly to head to the fridge for a sand­wich. Even cook­ing shows that seem to encour­age cook­ing rather than eat­ing also inspire thoughts about food and increase the risk of overeat­ing.

4. Pause food

Putting a fork on a plate dur­ing lunch or din­ner, we sub­con­scious­ly fix the moment of sat­u­ra­tion. If you catch him, you can eas­i­ly stop. The post­poned device is a sign: already full, but not yet overeat­en. It’s time to fin­ish.

5. Surround yourself with people who are prone to self-control

In the company of athletic energetic people, you yourself will pull yourself up and improve your shape.

In the com­pa­ny of ath­let­ic ener­getic peo­ple, you your­self will pull your­self up and improve your shape.

Sci­en­tists say: willpow­er is con­ta­gious! It’s eas­i­er to resist dessert when a friend chews a sal­ad next to her appetite. And if she loves fast food or likes to have a hearty meal before going to bed, in the evenings get out with her not in a cafe, but for a walk. Bet­ter yet, go for a run!

6. Eat with a timer

Set a timer for 20 min­utes and savor each bite until the beep sounds. Slow meals teach us to enjoy small por­tions of food, and the stom­ach will have time to noti­fy the brain about sati­ety dur­ing this time. The main thing is to savor, and not to rush!

7. Drink from thin tall glasses

Drinks are also high in calo­ries, espe­cial­ly if they are cock­tails, soda or juice. Bri­an Won­sick, a pro­fes­sor at Cor­nell Uni­ver­si­ty, exper­i­men­tal­ly proved that peo­ple drink 25–30% more drinks from wide and short glass­es (and glass­es) than from thin and tall ones. Just an opti­cal illu­sion. For water, you can choose any glass — there will be no harm from it!

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