TOP 7 healthy snacks at work

30 March 2016, 09:13

Very often dur­ing the work­ing day I want to have a snack. Actu­al­ly, there is noth­ing wrong with this. In order to stay alert and ener­getic, in addi­tion to the main meals, the body needs to be giv­en addi­tion­al “feed­ing”. The main thing: to snack on healthy and whole­some food!

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Dairy products

Kefir, sour­dough, fer­ment­ed baked milk, yogurt, cot­tage cheese are ide­al for a snack at work. They con­tain cal­ci­um and lac­to­bacil­li nec­es­sary for nor­mal diges­tion. Espe­cial­ly kefir has a huge ben­e­fit on the intesti­nal microflo­ra and helps to cleanse the body. Of course, ryazhen­ka is slight­ly fat­ter than kefir — and this is its only minus. Oth­er­wise, it is also con­ve­nient and use­ful. And sweet curds can replace dessert.

Cheese or cheese

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Cal­ci­um, pro­teins, healthy fats con­tained in these prod­ucts are absorbed almost com­plete­ly and, most impor­tant­ly, are not deposit­ed at the waist. There­fore, take a few slices of cheese with you to work, they can be com­bined with bread. For the body, such a “blow­ing” will be a dou­ble ben­e­fit.


It’s the per­fect snack when you’re crav­ing some­thing salty. Chick­peas have a mild, nut­ty fla­vor. Some­times con­fused with a nut, but chick­peas are legumes. It pairs well with any kind of spice, espe­cial­ly turmer­ic. The only incon­ve­nience is that it must be pre­pared in advance: it can be baked, as well as fried.

Dried fruits

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Dried apri­cots, prunes, figs and dates quick­ly sat­u­rate the body. In addi­tion, raisins strength­en the ner­vous sys­tem, dried apri­cots help burn fat, and dates per­fect­ly relieve fatigue and strength­en the immune sys­tem. Prunes also have a good effect on the immune sys­tem. He copes well with such a prob­lem as spring beriberi. As for figs, it will well replen­ish the dai­ly intake of potas­si­um and iron.

apple chips

dried fruits, dried apricots, prunes, apple chips

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Crispy sweet and sour apple chips are use­ful both pur­chased and home­made. Dried apples help nor­mal­ize hor­mon­al lev­els. You can cook them in the dry­er or oven. These chips are free of fat and extra calo­ries. But they have a lot of use­ful pectin, which is nec­es­sary for the nor­mal­iza­tion of water-fat metab­o­lism in the body.

boiled egg

Chick­en eggs are an excel­lent source of pro­tein, it gives the body a feel­ing of sati­ety and is harm­less to the fig­ure. You can add fresh cucum­ber or toma­to to it. Such a snack is espe­cial­ly good in the morn­ing.

Fresh fruits

Dur­ing the work­ing day, fruit is always appro­pri­ate. The most pop­u­lar and healthy apples and bananas. Apples reduce the lev­el of bad cho­les­terol in the blood and cleanse the blood ves­sels. And bananas are a great source of ener­gy. Just do not for­get about the high calo­rie con­tent of bananas, it is bet­ter to eat them in the morn­ing.


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