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Feb­ru­ary 19, 2016, 12:10

Chick­en meat is one of the most pop­u­lar food prod­ucts. In order not to be dis­ap­point­ed with his pur­chase, and most impor­tant­ly, not to get harm to health, it is impor­tant to know how to choose it cor­rect­ly. The pre­sen­ter Nadezh­da Matvee­va shared tips on choos­ing a fresh chick­en car­cass on the air of the pro­gram “Every­thing will be deli­cious!” on the STB chan­nel.

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A fresh chick­en car­cass should be young — pale pink, with a milky skin tone, smooth, with­out bruis­ing and cuts.

Feel the chick­en — it should not be sticky or too wet. Stick­i­ness indi­cates that the meat has not been stored prop­er­ly, and mois­ture means that the meat has already been thawed and all the juices have already come out.

A good chick­en car­cass has an elas­tic con­vex breast, which ends with car­ti­lage. If the car­ti­lage is mal­leable enough when pressed, the chick­en is young. If it is already hard and does not bend, the meat is old.

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And how to cook chick­en quick­ly and tasty, knows the culi­nary spe­cial­ist Sergey Kalin­in, who on Sun­day, Feb­ru­ary 21 at 9:00 on the air of the pro­gram “Every­thing will be deli­cious!” at STB will teach you how to cook chick­en in a jar. He guar­an­tees that every bite of this dish will be juicy and fra­grant. And along with the chick­en, right in the jar, you will also pre­pare a side dish — pota­toes soaked in chick­en juice and spices.

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