How to cure a sore throat: 5 simple rules

Feb­ru­ary 26, 2016, 12:11

Tick­ling, dry­ness and burn­ing in the throat are the first signs that the body has been attacked by a viral infec­tion. Most often, such an attack ends with laryn­gi­tis, an inflam­ma­to­ry dis­ease of the phar­ynx. Take urgent mea­sures to pre­vent harm­ful microor­gan­isms from pen­e­trat­ing low­er into the res­pi­ra­to­ry tract and caus­ing com­pli­ca­tions.

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The mucous mem­brane of the nasophar­ynx is the first pro­tec­tive bar­ri­er against virus­es, bac­te­ria, fun­gi, aller­gens and oth­er dam­ag­ing fac­tors. It is worth a lit­tle hypother­mia, drink some­thing cold or “catch” a draft, as the throat imme­di­ate­ly reacts with red­ness, inflam­ma­tion and pain. Thus, the body sig­nals the dan­ger. What should be done to cure a sore throat at an ear­ly stage?

Rule #1

Try to avoid dry, hard, hard food. It can injure an already irri­tat­ed throat mucosa. Give pref­er­ence to liq­uid steamed dish­es. Dur­ing the ill­ness, the basis of your diet should be soups, cere­als, boiled veg­eta­bles.

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Rule #2

If the dis­ease is of a viral or bac­te­r­i­al nature, then the body is exposed to intox­i­ca­tion. To effec­tive­ly remove tox­ins (the waste prod­ucts of virus­es and bac­te­ria), you need to drink plen­ty of warm, prefer­ably for­ti­fied, liq­uid. It is also nec­es­sary to restore the water-salt bal­ance. The drink should be warm (in no case hot!): herbal tea, com­pote, fruit drink, jel­ly or milk.

Rule #3

The ene­my of a healthy throat is dry air. It dries out the mucous mem­branes of the nasophar­ynx, cre­at­ing ide­al con­di­tions for the repro­duc­tion of pathogens. For a speedy recov­ery, cre­ate the right micro­cli­mate in the house. The rec­om­mend­ed air humid­i­ty in the room should be at least 50%. To main­tain it, it is best to buy a humid­i­fi­er. You also need to do more wet clean­ing.

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Rule #4

Gar­gle as often as pos­si­ble. Rins­ing will help wash off pathogens from the oropha­ryn­geal mucosa. Med­i­c­i­nal com­po­nents includ­ed in solu­tions or decoc­tions will also help soothe inflam­ma­tion and relieve pain. You need to gar­gle about once an hour (but at least 5–6 times a day) with spe­cial anti­sep­tics or warm herbal infu­sions pre­pared on your own, for exam­ple, with sage, chamomile, euca­lyp­tus. A solu­tion of salt or soda (a tea­spoon per glass of water) is also effec­tive.

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