How to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

Feb­ru­ary 26, 2016, 14:14

Dark cir­cles under the eyes are an unpleas­ant phe­nom­e­non that not only gives a tired look, but also spoils the mood of their own­ers. Many try to cope with this prob­lem by elim­i­nat­ing an exter­nal defect, but more often than not, the caus­es must be looked for deep­er.

Dark circles under the eyes give a painful and tired look to their owners.

Dark cir­cles under the eyes give a painful and tired look to their own­ers.

Causes of bruising under the eyes:

- lack of sleep;

- alco­hol abuse;

- con­stant work at the com­put­er;

- if you smoke and you have bruis­es under your eyes — this is a con­se­quence of the action of nico­tine;

- over­work, stress, chron­ic fatigue, ner­vous strain;

- hered­i­ty;

- mal­nu­tri­tion (lack of vit­a­mins, pas­sion for salty and spicy foods);


  1. If the cause of bruis­ing under the eyes is bad habits and irreg­u­lar nutri­tion, it may be worth recon­sid­er­ing your pri­or­i­ties.
  2. Lack of vit­a­mins, in par­tic­u­lar vit­a­min C, leads to fatigue and affects the appear­ance. Try to con­sume as many cit­rus fruits and oth­er vit­a­mins as pos­si­ble.
  3. It is impor­tant to stick to 8 hours of sleep and remem­ber that the body is inten­sive­ly restored until 2 am.
  4. Don’t for­get about water bal­ance. Lack, as well as excess water in the body can lead to bruis­ing.
Toning masks for the area around the eyes will help to cope with the problem

Ton­ing masks for the area around the eyes will help to cope with the prob­lem

Masks and lotions pre­pared at home will help make the skin around the eyes radi­ant and clean.

Potato mask

The most famous and effec­tive mask. Take two raw pota­toes, wash them well and rub them on a fine grater. Mix a tea­spoon of the result­ing slur­ry with the same amount of fresh milk and flour. Apply the mix­ture on the low­er eye­lids for 20 min­utes, rinse with warm water. If bruis­es under the eyes need to be urgent­ly removed, and time is short, cut 2 thin slices from raw pota­toes and put them on the low­er eye­lids for a few min­utes.

Curd mask

Mash cot­tage cheese with a high fat con­tent, add a few drops of black tea to it. Place the ther­a­peu­tic mass in gauze and apply for a few min­utes on the area around the eyes.

tea lotion

Wrap a strong brew of black tea in gauze. You can use dipped in boil­ing water and cooled tea bags. Tea with­out a trace will remove blue cir­cles under the eyes.

From herbal decoctions you can make ice cubes

From herbal decoc­tions you can make ice cubes

Herbal compresses and healing ice

From dark cir­cles, com­press­es from the infu­sion of sage and chamomile help well. A tea­spoon of dried sage (chamomile) should be added to a mug with 100 ml of hot water and cov­ered with a lid. Cool the boiled sage or chamomile and strain. Use one part for com­press­es, the oth­er for ice cubes. Com­press­es are con­ve­nient and effec­tive to use in the evening. Moist­en cot­ton pads in herbal decoc­tion and apply to the area around the eyes for 10 min­utes. After the allot­ted time, the lotion must be removed and you can go to bed with­out wash­ing any­thing off. Ice cubes are con­ve­nient to use in the morn­ing, they tone up the del­i­cate skin around the eyes well and quick­ly solve the prob­lem.

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