What to do if you have a cough

Feb­ru­ary 23, 2016, 10:33 am

Cough is a pro­tec­tive reac­tion of the body, aimed at restor­ing air­way paten­cy. It is the cough that helps the tra­chea and bronchi to clear for­eign par­ti­cles and spu­tum.

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But even this knowl­edge does not detract from the desire to tame the cough when it begins to pester and tor­ment. He, like an angry beast, with each cough­ing jolt, seems to tear apart to burn­ing pain and tears. So what about this “beast”? Apply harsh­ness to the cough and sup­press his aggres­sion in the bud? But then he will not ful­fill the func­tion assigned to him by nature to cleanse, which will lead to stag­na­tion of vis­cous spu­tum and seri­ous com­pli­ca­tions. Or maybe, on the con­trary, speed up the process by increas­ing the for­ma­tion of liq­uid mucus? But here, too, there are cons.

Why you can’t suppress a cough

Indeed, dur­ing the inflam­ma­to­ry process, a spasm of the smooth mus­cles of the bronchi often occurs, which pre­vents the removal of already liq­ue­fied mucus from the res­pi­ra­to­ry tract. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, in chil­dren in the first year of life, up to 50% of cas­es of cough­ing are accom­pa­nied by dif­fi­cul­ty in breath­ing, or obstruc­tion. There is an effect of a boil­ing pot, which is closed with a lid. The con­tent gur­gles, threat­en­ing to blow every­thing up, but finds no way out. In order to avoid mis­takes, an expe­ri­enced tamer is need­ed, who will be able to use both the stick and the car­rot in time, cor­rect­ly and gen­tly help­ing his ward to achieve a noble goal.

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Safe cough treatment

Since 1950, in Ger­many, and now almost all over the world, its high qual­i­fi­ca­tion in tam­ing cough has been demon­strat­ed by the orig­i­nal Ger­man prepa­ra­tion from ivy leaves — PROSPAN® for the treat­ment of any kind of cough in adults and chil­dren from the first days of life. It not only pro­motes the removal of vis­cous and thick spu­tum (thin­ning and active­ly remov­ing), but also has a mild anti­tus­sive, anti-inflam­ma­to­ry, antimi­cro­bial effect and, most impor­tant­ly, expands the bronchi. The bron­chodila­tor effect of the drug has been proven at the cel­lu­lar and mol­e­c­u­lar lev­el. Such a set of basic phar­ma­co­log­i­cal prop­er­ties allows it to be used equal­ly effec­tive­ly at any stage of cough, with var­i­ous forms of bron­chi­tis, includ­ing obstruc­tive forms.

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PROSPAN® has no age or phys­i­o­log­i­cal restric­tions in use. It is so safe that it can be tak­en by infants and preg­nant women, as well as dia­bet­ic patients, as it does not con­tain sug­ar, dyes and alco­hol. The drug can be used with oth­er med­i­cines pre­scribed by a doc­tor (for exam­ple, antibi­otics). For ease of use, there are sev­er­al forms of release: in the form of syrup, effer­ves­cent tablets, solu­tion in sticks. Each of the fam­i­ly mem­bers can choose the one that he likes the most.


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