summary of the first, second and third laws. The Essence of Mrs. Parkinson’s Law

As you know, ignorance of the laws does not exempt from responsibility, but studying them helps make life easier, protects the business from unlawful outside interference, protects the family from unnecessary problems, and helps save money. Moreover, we are talking not only about those laws that are spelled out in the constitution of a particular […]

what it is? Principles of teaching speed reading, the benefits and harms of the skill, description of classes

Time is one of the most important resources in the modern rhythm of life. More than once we have heard from someone from our environment that there is a catastrophic lack of time, and we ourselves constantly feel this. Speed ​​reading skills will help you deal with a colossal flow of all kinds of information […]

what is it and how to use it? Mark Levy’s rules for problem solving, the benefits and harms of the method

Recently, freewriting has been gaining momentum — free writing method. It opens up ample opportunities for personal development and for the implementation of daily activities. This article will tell you what is behind this foreign word and how to use this method. What it is? If you did not miss English lessons at school, then […]

How to overcome laziness and apathy? How to get rid of lethargy at home and defeat laziness in yourself?

Laziness and apathy are considered the most terrible manifestations of the state of the human soul. These symptoms can drive the individual to extremes. Their aggravation leads to a complete loss of personality. Then the most terrible thing can begin — a spiritual fall into the abyss. So don’t wait for things to get worse. […]

How to force yourself to exercise?

There is no bad without good, and weight loss is easy. In addition to numerous diets, fasting days, there is a proven way — regular physical activity. Many plan them with enviable constancy, but still do not have enough time and energy to go in for sports. In this article, we will try to figure […]

How to deal with procrastination? How to stop procrastinating? Methods and methods of treatment, exercises to overcome procrastination

The term procrastination comes from the Latin crastinus (meaning «tomorrow») and pro (meaning the particle «on»). The second version of the appearance of this word suggests that it comes from the English procrastination, which means “postponing” or “delay”. Ways to overcome Before we fight procrastination, let’s figure out what kind of ailment it is and […]

How to force yourself to study? How to start studying if everyone is lazy? How to stop being lazy at university and at school?

It’s never too late to learn. But if for young children learning becomes a necessary element of life, then for adults this moment may not be so necessary. And so, it may or may not be done. An exception here may be those individuals who have a high level of organization and motivation for results. […]

How to develop and strengthen willpower? How to develop it and train it correctly?

The power is there — the mind is not needed. But what if the mind is there, but the strength is not enough? And not in the direct sense of the word, but willpower. And without it, we can never force ourselves to do what we must. Let’s take a closer look at how to […]

what is it in psychology? Examples of exercises, principles and techniques of six-step reframing. Reframing of negative qualities and other types

“He went beyond what was permitted” — we hear this phrase when a person has done something contrary to generally accepted rules. But, as you know, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes you just need to go beyond. This method of solving a problem even has a name — «reframing». What it is? The […]

How to make yourself work? What to do if there is no strength and mood? How to return the desire to work after a vacation and achieve results?

We all know the state when not only the soul, but also the little finger of the left hand does not want to do anything. Why this happens and how to force yourself to work in the end — our article will tell about this. Why don’t you want to work? There are several reasons […]