How to toughen up and make immunity stronger?

How to raise immunity in autumn? Judging by the number of requests on the Internet, this is probably the most common question during the cold season. But the truth is that it is impossible to raise immunity! Why? And what should be done to get sick as rarely as possible? Unsplash The body’s ability to […]

What is the 12/3/30 workout program and how to try it

September 27, 2022, 10:48 All of TikTok’s new favorite workout routine is 12/3/30. And no, it’s not the twelfth of March, two thousand and thirty. Learn more from our new article. Unsplash Invented by influencer Lauren Giraldo, the 12/3/30 program is nothing new, but recently it has gone viral on TikTok. This program, says its […]

The most dangerous diets in the world: list, warnings

September 27, 2022, 11:00 In trying to lose weight, we sometimes go to extremes. Study our rating of the most dangerous diets and remember: in pursuit of results, the main thing is not to harm your health! Unsplash 1. Monodiet At the heart of any mono-diet is one product that is allowed to be eaten […]

If you are over 50, drink these juices every day

Consuming fresh juice without sugar and other additives is not only tasty, but also beneficial for health. Here are 5 juices that are an indispensable addition to the diet if you are over 50 years old. Unsplash Why the emphasis on age? This does not mean at all that old age is something very special, […]

What spices to add to food if you have high blood pressure

Did you know that spices, in addition to enhancing flavor in many dishes, also have many other benefits? For example, some spices can lower high blood pressure. As you know, this problem overtakes a large number of people around the world. For example, in Ukraine, one in four has high blood pressure — and during […]

5 foods that help you lose weight

If you can find these products in your kitchen, you definitely know a lot about healthy weight loss. Unsplash Trying to stick to a diet or any weight loss plan can be a real challenge, especially if you’re focusing on foods you can’t eat. Or on food that should be avoided by all means. Each […]

Psychiatrist Speaks: Why People Resist Change

September 15, 2022, 17:46 The answer to the always relevant question was given in the YouTube project of Yevhenii Yanovych and Spartak Subbota «Podcast Therapy» Unsplash School meal reform! We immediately mention the author of the project, Ukrainian activist and chef Yevhen Klopotenko. He is trying to change the menu of school canteens, replacing outdated […]

How not to gain weight after menopause

This way of eating will help you not gain excess weight during menopause. Unsplash Agree, menopause is a rather complicated topic and an equally complex health condition. After years of menstruation, cramps, PMS, and so on, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, and even potential depression have to be endured. Menopause is a nightmare for many. Usually, […]

what it is and how to use it

Facts remain facts: used pads will survive not only us, but also our great-grandchildren. All because they decompose for hundreds of thousands of years. But what to do? How to replace pads and tampons if you want to live more ecologically? We know the answer! Unsplash Menstrual cup Despite the fact that menstrual cups have […]

20 oils against aging, wrinkles and age pigmentation

These oils will help you delay skin aging and maintain its health. Freepik For each type of skin and for solving beauty problems, you can choose the appropriate oil. And the selection of such products for skin with age-related changes is generally an easy task. Add these oils to your daily regimen to get the […]