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Eggplant helps to cope with cardiovascular ailments and even prolong life. But that’s not all. Why are eggplants useful, how many calories are in them, is it possible to breastfeed them, and in what cases is it dangerous to use them? All in our article. unsplash Eggplant is not only a great ingredient for culinary […]

7 factors that prevent you from losing weight

The easiest way to deal with excess weight is to reduce the size of your plate, as well as to do sports. However, that’s not all! Unsplash The age of life is the age of thinness: the fight against excess weight never ends! The more we try to get rid of excesses, the more persistently […]

4 ways to get rid of bad breath in the morning

August 5, 2022, 12:32 p.m We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you get rid of your «morning breath» fast. Waking up in the morning will be much more pleasant. Unsplash Mornings can be pleasant, or they can be ruined by just awful morning breath. Yes, not the most romantic breath in the morning […]

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Eating watermelon on summer days — what could be better? Watermelon is delicious, juicy, sweet and its bright flesh beckons when it is in the refrigerator. In the new article we will tell you everything about watermelon! ThinkstockPhotos In the hot summer, watermelon saves from stuffiness and is not weakly so refreshing. It becomes an […]

How to choose honey and how to treat it properly

Honey is a useful product. It has long been recognized by mainstream medicine as a healing supplement to the primary treatment for colds, heart disease, and skin disorders, as well as a powerful recovery agent after illness or surgery. Unsplash The secret of its undeniable benefits is in the composition. It consists of 78% sugars […]

4 side effects of eating rice daily

August 11, 2022, 3:21 p.m White rice is a very interesting product. In many diets, this is the main ingredient, and some nutritionists recommend eliminating it from the diet altogether. What happens if you eat white rice every day — on its own or in dishes such as rolls and sushi. Unsplash Rice is one […]

8 reasons to exercise every day

Need some motivation to exercise or exercise at home? Then this article is for you. Unsplash Doctors recommend adults 18 to 64 years of age 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to avoid obesity and health problems. But where to find so much motivation? Well, we have something for you. Here are 8 reasons […]

5 Ways to Lose Weight Quickly Before Your Big Day

August 19, 2022, 3:01 p.m If you really want to fit into a dress, here are five of the best tips that will help you achieve what you want quickly and efficiently, but without ruining your health. Unsplash By working on losing weight in just a month and a half, you can lose up to […]

5 ways to get rid of high blood sugar

High blood sugar doesn’t mean you’re sweet. Unsplash Hyperglycemia, or simply high blood sugar, is commonly associated with diabetes and prediabetes (when the body’s sugar levels are high but not high enough to diagnose diabetes). If you do not treat this condition and do not engage in prevention, you can face very unpleasant health consequences. […]

11 ways to fall asleep during wartime

It is very difficult to fall asleep during the war, but get some sleepI — even harder. Due to stress, explosions, constant air alarms, worries about yourself and loved ones, sleep not only worsens, it completely deteriorates. Volunteering, military service and service in territorial defense also do not allow relaxation. What to do if you […]